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An honest Sisel review or Sizzle as it’s called. Read before you join.

Sisel reviewI will focus this Sisel review on the product, opportunity and leadership. The most important is leadership and I see BIG trouble for Sisels leadership or lack there off.

Sisel (sizzle MLM) is a normal MLM. In the industry of Network Marketing there are thousands of companies and products. They are all Great companies just ask any of their distributors they will tell you all about how they are the best. And Sisel might be a great opportunity. I have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 20 years. I even worked on the corporate level with a company.

When I look at a MLM company I look at the product, most MLM’s have good products so it’s not my main concern although a unique product would be nice. In this Sisel review I will look at Sisel’s products. Compensation plan is very important. Does it pay to play. We will look at the Sisel Compensation plan in this Sisel review as well. But to me the main key is leadership. I see a very big problem with a key figure in Sisel’s leadership choices.


Sisel Leadership review.

Sisel International was founded in 2006. That’s 10 years ago. Obviously they are getting desperate to expand. Recently Sisel brought on Hike Hagen as Sisel’s VP of International Sales. I have worked with Mike Hagen several times and out of my 25 years in MLM Mike Hagen is the most unethical person I have ever met in the whole MLM industry. Read more about Mike Hagen HERE.

I worked with Mike Hagen at Uncorked Health and Wellness and he was a JOKE to the whole company. The only thing he cared about was collecting his check. I worked with him at Uncorked for over a year. Let me tell you he brought NOTHING good to the table. He bitched and complained, he lied about everything. Between him and Danny they almost took down the company.  Mike was one of the master distributors for Uncorked and he only brought in 10 people the whole year and non of them did anything. Every time I talked to him all he did was talk bad about everyone. It got so bad that he was fired. All you have to do is talk to Mike Hagen and your internal BS detector will sound off and you will know there is something untrustworthy about him. Sisel has apparently bought into his lies and deceit just like Uncorked did. I guarantee if you asked Dave the owner of Uncorked he will tell you. Looking back he knew something was not right with Mike Hagen.

Sizel will not last long with Mike Hagen running anything.

So to start this Sisel Review you have to look at leadership. And from my personal interaction with Mike Hagen he is the most unethical person I ever met in my 25 years in Network Marketing. Mike Hagen is a liar and a crook . Sizel must be desperate to add Mike Hagen as their as Sisel VP of International Sales or ANY part of their team. I can NOT believe anyone would hire him in any capacity he must have sold them a PILE of BS and they must be VERY desperate and could not find a true leader.

Now to the Sisel product review:

Sisel has a large selection of products in the health and wellness industry including home care products. Is Sisel just another Juice, coffee skin care home care company? Maybe, maybe not. You have to look and ask yourself would I buy the Sisel products at the retail or wholesale price if I was NOT a distributor? If yes then maybe Sisel is for you.

Sisel opportunity review:

Sisel Compensation plan like most MLM comp plans is a little confusing to decipher. With so many Network Marketing companies popping up every day they are trying to set themselves apart from the rest of the MLM’s one of the ways they do that is to add to the comp plan by adding twists to try to make it look like they are paying more. I’m not saying the Sisel Comp. plan is good or bad but remember there is only so much money to be shared. The more a company spends on product development, promotions, and wasted money on people like Mike there is just so much to put into the comp plan. Sisels comp plan is simple but you have to read between the lines.

Sisel pays in six ways

1 Daily Fast Start Bonus – Unheard of in the industry, Sisel pays you daily, and up to 8 levels deep on new volume with full dynamic compression!

2 Direct Commission – Sisel’s aggressive unilevel payout system with no downline volume requirement, is extremely lucrative and incredibly easy to qualify for each and every month!

3 Master Check Match – Unlimited generational pay, through 4 Generations with compression and no cap on payout or size of Generations!

4 Retail Commission – Earn 20% DAILY on all Personally Enrolled Preferred Customer Purchases FOR LIFE!

5 Global Bonus Pools – Global Leaders can earn shares of worldwide company volume!

6 Luxury Auto Bonus – Up to $1,500 Sit back, relax, and let Sisel pay for your ride!


So in my conclusion of this Sisel review. I have to question the ownership and leadership when the hire a person like Mike Hagen as part of their leadership team. Something is not right with the company. If you lay with dogs you will get flies. Are you willing to invest your time into a company that may not be around or will at the least go through major changes?



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PS Don’t just take my word for it read what his old business partner with Jetstream TV Box said about Mike Hagen

This is what Dino Facebook posted

“To anyone that knows Mike Hagen. That scum bag is a liar, a thief, and an arrogant prick. He has lied about everything he has told anyone about Jetstream. He has lied about how much he is making, about how much his distributors are making, about what and who he is in regards to internet streaming in general. I introduced the industry to Mike 5 months ago. He drove to my house and I gave him a box for free. I knew he had some talent in sales. Figured it might come back to me. It did. Mike bought 500 boxes spread out over a 5 month period from me at a $20 profit per box. Every 3 way call he got me on he lied to the person. I stopped doing business with Jetstream because I found a few better products. Mike threatened me physically last Friday over the phone and has been spreading false lies about myself. In return after him motherfucking me and threatening me I did go off. I introduced him, helped him build, supplied him, and was a great guy to Mike Hagen. If that’s the loser you choose to do business with I feel sorry for you. I’m a better person, I will value you as a human being not a dollar bill, I have a better product and price point to offer you. This is directed at all of Mikes friends. The rest of our team knows what’s up. The Jetstream or the Jetstream 4 doesn’t compare to my product. I sold more Jetstreams than anyone on earth. I have an open door to do business with Jetstream and I choose not to. Yes Mike went around me there and I can careless. I have much better products at better price points. Which makes all of our families more money. Just wanted to get the truth off my chest. I apologize for blasting this on facebook. I put all my energy into being positive and helping people in business. This had to be said and you can forward him this message.”





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