Mike Hagen is a crook a Liar and the Thief?

Mike Hagen is a crookMike Hagen; before you do business with him read this.


I have known Mike Hagen for quite some time. I have been in business with Mike Hagen twice. I’m writing this blog post to inform you and to warn you about Mikes Hagen’s shady character and hopefully save you time and money in dealing with him.

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If you are looking to do business with Michael Hagen or join him in some kind of MLM, Network Marketing business or any of his JetStream Box, Evo TV, Blue TV or even his newest scam AirTV read this before you join him.
Everything I’m writing here is 100% true to my experiences in dealing with Michael Hagen. Just talking to Mike you will feel something is not honest with him. Something in your gut is telling you NOT to trust Mike Hagen. I’m telling you listen to your gut.

I was in Jetstream Box with Mike Hagen. Even though IMike Hagen is a crook a Liar and the Thief did not trust him and felt sooner or later he would rip me off “and he did”, the opportunity was good and the timing was right. I worked with Mike Hagen over 1.5 years selling the Jetstream Box. I made him a lot of money. But the lies just kept coming. I’m sure if you are reading this you feel it. When you talk to him somethings just not right you feel it. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already. Well it’s true. He’s a liar and a cheat.
The last dealing with Mike was my last order. I ordered 10 Jetstream Boxes. Normally I order 20 at a time but I could just feel time was running out sooner or later he was going rip me off. I did not trust him so I only ordered 10 units. I was right. Anyway this last order Mike started giving me stories why he could not ship my product. He started blaming his partner Jack Amoroso. Telling me he thought I was selling on Ebay. I was not and I proved it to him. Ebay shows you where the units are shipped from. NONE of the sells on eBay where shiping from anywhere near Nor Cal it was just a lie to put me off. I guess he was broke and needed my money. Then he said he would do the shipping to my clients for me. So I gave him the shipping info to the clients I sold Jetstream Boxes to. Mike Hagen would tell me “they were shipped” then I asked for tracking and he would say “I will get it to you” Then he would come up with excuses why they did not ship. It was lie after lie. Then I got a call from his old friend and old business partner Paul Chenette. Paul was telling me how Mike ripped him off and asking about my dealings with Michael Hagen. I explained what happened with me and Mike and that I planned to file a law suit with mike. (I did and I won. More on that later). Paul said he planned to do the same. I don’t know if he did, but the stories he told sounded about the same with the lack of integrity and bad character Mike Hagen has.

Law suit with Mike Hagen:


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After a while of me trying to get my money or the Jetstream Boxes from Mike and listening to his leis and the crap he was trying to sell me. He kept blaming it on Jack Amoroso. I did not care, my dealings was with Mike Hagen not Jack Amoroso. But then I got a call from Jack Amoroso saying it was all a lie that Mike was trying to get Jack to ship Jetstreams without paying. I don’t know who to believe as far as I know they are both lying. I thought they were business partners. Maybe they are partners in crime. All I know is I paid Mike Hagen for 10 Jetstream Boxes and he only shipped out 2 and still to this day owes me for 8 Jetstreams plus the cost of the law suit. It just does not make sense why you would ruin a relationship over less than $2000 after all this time just don’t make sense. I guess he just needed the money. Every time I kept trying to talk logic with him he would say “I don’t give a shit” He would talk about this guy and that guy about his partners and other distributors and all he could say was “I don’t give an shit” always “I don’t give a shit” I thought about just righting it off as a business loss but the more I thought about it the more It bothered me that he took what was mine. Mike Hagen stole from me after all this time Mike Hagen just flat out stole from me and did not give a shit. It just makes me mad.
Anyway so I took him to court. He did not even have the guts to show up. I guess he thinks it’s just small claims I can’t make me pay. He will never get the money. Well I was a contractor before and I know how to use the court system to get my money. I also can use the internet to make sure anyone ever searches Mike Hagen will find the truth about him and this article will confirm the feelings you have about Michael Hagen. He is NOT to be trusted. So I’m writing this to let everyone know Mike Hagen is a liar, a cheat and a thief all you have to do is talk to him and you will know everything I’m saying is true.


I just got another email from someone with a like story about Mike Hagen.

Amen Vincent!  I had the same issues with Mike Hagen. He is a pathological lying narcissist and you are correct he does not give a sh– about anyone other than Mike Hagen. He took advantage of me also with Jet Stream and in Boresha.  He also told me he was going to invest in my business selling the PSiO glasses, but when I made it clear I was not interested in ever dating him he pulled out. At the time this was happening I was in a very difficult financial situation as a single mother and he told me he would help me make some quick money. He said if I bought 10 boxes and did not sell them he would buy them back. When I was unable to sell them due to the issues that were going on with the boxes he refused to take them back. He informed me he was not a bank and it is not good business for him to take inventory back. When I reminded him about his promise he said I don’t f’ing care. That was the last time I spoke with him. I am glad you are spreading the word so hopefully it will save others from suffering at the hands of this very dishonest person. He is the type of “Christian” that gives the rest of us a bad name. ~ Kelsey

If you’re a business person looking to do business with Mike Hagen or also known as Michael Hagen think twice before you do business with him it could sooner or later bit you. If you are looking to get in any Network Marketing / MLM business with Mike Hagen I would STOP and find a new sponsor. It’s all about Mike Hagen and he does not give a shit about you.

See the court order here



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One Response to “Mike Hagen is a crook a Liar and the Thief?”

  1. Vincent on July 19th, 2016 3:27 pm

    This is what Dino Facebook posted

    “To anyone that knows Mike Hagen. That scum bag is a liar, a thief, and an arrogant prick. He has lied about everything he has told anyone about Jetstream. He has lied about how much he is making, about how much his distributors are making, about what and who he is in regards to internet streaming in general. I introduced the industry to Mike 5 months ago. He drove to my house and I gave him a box for free. I knew he had some talent in sales. Figured it might come back to me. It did. Mike bought 500 boxes spread out over a 5 month period from me at a $20 profit per box. Every 3 way call he got me on he lied to the person. I stopped doing business with Jetstream because I found a few better products. Mike threatened me physically last Friday over the phone and has been spreading false lies about myself. In return after him motherfucking me and threatening me I did go off. I introduced him, helped him build, supplied him, and was a great guy to Mike Hagen. If that’s the loser you choose to do business with I feel sorry for you. I’m a better person, I will value you as a human being not a dollar bill, I have a better product and price point to offer you. This is directed at all of Mikes friends. The rest of our team knows what’s up. The Jetstream or the Jetstream 4 doesn’t compare to my product. I sold more Jetstreams than anyone on earth. I have an open door to do business with Jetstream and I choose not to. Yes Mike went around me there and I can careless. I have much better products at better price points. Which makes all of our families more money. Just wanted to get the truth off my chest. I apologize for blasting this on facebook. I put all my energy into being positive and helping people in business. This had to be said and you can forward him this message.”