Beginning of a GREAT day GOD is good

Believe boat

The boat to take you to your DREAMS


xmass picKari and I 2
My Lovely Wife Kari
kari and Ikari and confetti
My Lovely Wife Kari                                                            Kari is funny Fathers Day  

Team 212 party
Team 212 incentive party
team212 party
Team 212 incentive party
Mel and me
Mel and Me
Mel & Eva Rick & Joyce
Vincent & Kari St.Louis Rick & Joyce Zeller and Mel & Eve Vesley
M bodine and me
Me and Nascar Racer Jeff Bodine

convention Mel and Eva
Mel and Eva Vesely
Habitat for humanity
Habitat for Humanity
Vincent as a Speaker
me team 212 conv. 10me team 212 conv. 9me team 212 conv. 8me team 212 conv. 7me team 212 conv. 6me team 212 conv. 5me team 212 conv. 4me team 212 conv. 3me team 212 conv. 2me team212 & Eric Carlson
Me and Eric Carlson
Me & Eric
Me and Eric Carlson
Jim , Tonya , me team conv.
Jim Bellacera , Tonya Hamblin and me

I love to have FUN
Sand Mountain
Sand Mountain
Da boys Pismo Beach
Da Boys at Pismo Beach
My truck at hammers
Rock Crawling at Johnson Valley
My Truck Rock crawling
My Truck Rock Crawlin is fun
claim 1
My Gold Claim
I love gold dredging
Da boys gold dredging
Da Boys dredging
dredgingsnpping 4 GoldGold hunting

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