Network Marketing Prospecting

Network Marketing Prospecting is the most important skill you can learn.

Also known as the art of inviting. Prospecting for network marketing is a skill that can be learned. In this article we will go over many ways of network marketing prospecting and how to develop the skills to become a master at the art of inviting.

There are many ways to prospect in Network Marketing. The way you invite people to see your product or opportunity is not as important as how often you do it. Prospecting is a numbers game. My mentor taught me about SINALOA and DMO. SINALOA is “safety in numbers and law of averages”. DMO is “daily method of operational”. The more you stick to your DMO with numbers of people you talk to you will see a law of averages and success will follow. Thank you to my mentor Darrell Utterbach for teaching me to focus on my DMO and SINALOA. One of my many mentors always says it this way. “Building a network marketing business is mathematical not magical”

How do you expose your product or opportunity to more people?

Here are just a few ways to find people to prospect. NOTE I have used them and most of the time I continue to use every prospecting technique I can. It like fishing with one line in the water or a net.

  •  Prospecting CD or DVD. This is one of my favorite prospecting techniques. Also is one of the best ways to re-ignite a dead team. Get 4 to 10 of you leaders to do massive action using a prospecting CD and you will get massive excitement in a matter of 30 to 60 days. Using a CD or DVD is simple and easy. Let the CD do all the talking. Ask a person “are you open to other ways of creating income?” yes “listen to this CD I will call you tomorrow” on the follow-up call if they say NO the CD worked if they say YES the CD worked. The CD or DVD will weed out anyone not really interested.


  • Drop cards- A drop card is a small card the size of a business card that tells a short quick story to entice the looker to call the number or visit your website. You can get drop cards that look like money or you can have cards that just have a catchy saying on it. I have used both, but to me I like the catchy saying. I want my card to be picked up by someone that likes what I have to say not just thinks my card looks good. I would rather the card be left where I put it until someone sees it and the saying resonates with then enough to pick it up and call or visit my site. Here is a great article on Drop Cards


  • Booths and expose- I have done many booths at trade-shows and expose and spent a lot of money doing it. I have had good success and not so good. Booths can be a very expensive way to advertise your business, but also a very exciting way. I have found the best way to take advantage of a expo whether it’s a business fair or a home and garden show, is to go as a attendant and not do a booth. You will meet as many people, but it will cost you a lot less. The best days to attend an expo is Friday afternoon that way the people running the booths are set up and the expo is not that busy so you can meet the other booth exhibitors and Sunday late morning, the crowd is not so big and once again you can meet a lot of the attendees and the booth people are more talkative and not so busy. Saturdays are too busy.


  • Cold calling- There are so many places to buy leads it ridicules. I have spent a small fortune on leads. I don’t buy them anymore. You can get list all-day long for free online. My best list is Realtor’s you can log into any board of realtors and get a list of their members and most of them show their cell number. Cold calling is a great way to drive traffic to a website or a recorded message. I call it dialing for dollars. When cold calling as a way of network marketing prospecting make sure you write a script this is key to becoming a good cold caller.


  • Blogging- Blogging is a great way to develop a following and a list of contacts. The internet can be a very over whelming task to learn, but can also be very worth your time. There is so much to learn about SEO and the proper way to drive online traffic. Take it slow and learn as you go.
  • Social media- facebook, twitter and many other sites are a great way to develop your own community of followers. Just remember this is not the place for you to sell your product or opportunity every day. Use it as a way to connect and gain trust and respect and you will gain more people interested in what you are doing.


  • Network Marketing Prospecting is a skill that you can master. Keep practicing by doing. The skill is developed threw doing. The more you do anything the better you get. The better you get the more confidants you will have and the more you will do.

Network Marketing Prospecting

Go out and make prospecting your most important skill you learn. Master the art of inviting and watch your paychecks go up and up.


Vincent St.Louis

Chief Inspiration Officer


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