Drop Cards

Drop Cards what they are and how to use them.


Drop cards are a simple way to advertise your product or your opportunity. Drop Cards are just one of the many prospecting techniques I use. I have used drop cards for a long time.

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 What is a Drop Card?

A drop card is a small card the size of a business card that tells a short quick story to entice the looker to call the number or visit your website. You can get drop cards that look like money or you can have cards that just have a catchy saying on it. I have used both, but to me I like the catchy saying. I want my card to be picked up by someone that likes what I have to say not just thinks my card looks good. I would rather the card be left where I put it until someone sees it and the saying resonates with then enough to pick it up and call or visit my site.

Drop Cards are not to be scattered all over the ground or to be put on every windshield in every parking lot. That’s a great way to get a call from the owner of the parking lot or the police for littering. More on that in my FREE audio.

Drop Cards need a call to action.

With all Drop Cards you need a call to action. You need to give the interested person something to do. You will get a lot more people that will listen to a recording or visit a website then call you personally. People are scared to be sold. If they know they will be listening to a recording or watching a video with no live person it makes them feel safe and they will be more likely to call or visit. I use a call in recording most of the time if I can. That way the person that found my drop card can take action right away not wait until they get in front of their computer. Although with the new smart phones the video may be a great thing.

The call to action needs to be

Call now or listen to this recording or visit my website or watch this short video or something like that. I use all these call to action it just depends on how I’m feeling at the time I create the card. I also always give my cell number. If they like what they hear or see I want them to be able to call me right away.

Drop Card recordings.

If you are recording a call in number I have a few suggestions.

Use a phone number without an access code. For $5 a month you can get a phone number without access code. You don’t need a 1-800 number because most cell phones have unlimited long distance on their plan. Go to http://simplevoicebox.com/

I use the privet number that way there’s no access code needed and it’s only $5 a month. One of the reasons I like simplevoice is it will send me an email every day I have activity and tell me the number of the person that called and how long they listened. If I have and seven minute recording and I have someone that listens to all seven minutes, but does not leave a message I’m calling them. If they only listen to two minute I’m not wasting my time the recording worked. It weeded out the person as a non looker.

What to put on your drop card recording.

Don’t sell your product, your opportunity or network marketing on the recording or over the phone. You will get mixed advice about this. Some say they only want those interested in their opportunity or MLM to call them so they tell everything on the recording.


Too many people have a messed up Idea about network marketing. If they where attacked by a over excited network marketer or they had someone that would not leave them alone about their product or company. As soon as you say the word MLM or Network marketing or your company name the picture in their mind is that old image and they are not interested in that. I want them to see what I’m doing and I’m not doing what they think. Even if they were introduced to your company before they have not seen it from you. Belly-to-belly is the best way to sell the idea of your opportunity or your product if at all possible. Here are a few ideas of recordings I have.


(641)715-3900 Ext. 896196#

This is one I did for a team member it is two parts the first is me the second is one of my lady leaders. (559)546-1497

Don’t over think the message just drive traffic. These recordings are great to use when cold calling also. I will teach on cold calling later.

What do you want your dropcard to say and look like?




  • TIRED OF YOUR BOSS? Let me show you how to fire him.
  • I teach people to make more part time then they do at their job fulltime.
  • I teach stay at home moms make more money part time from home then their husband make fulltime at his job.
  • You will work 98000 hours before you can retire if ever. Let me show you an option.
  • Own your own business. Work from home Pay Off debt $2000 to $5000 PT/FT
  • You only need to be at the right place at the right time once. Don’t miss it!
  • Are you looking for a way out of the rat race?
  • There are so many saying you can put on a drop card. Try several see what one gets you the most calls. Track your replies.

Drop Cards

DropcardDrop Card


Click on the image to enlarge. Note the first card has a “code” I use the codes before to track where the card was found. Not the last card has a background picture it takes from the message and is not that catchy. These are all cards I have used before.


Next let’s talk about drop card style and quality.

You have heard in real estate it’s location-location-location. Well with Drop Cards it’s quality-quality-quality. Don’t cut cost and print your own or get the cheapest thin drop card you can find. Get a thick glossy card. I like bright yellow with black block lettering. Simple and to the point. Don’t put a back ground picture or other images on the card. It talks away from the message. You are not selling the card you’re selling the message keep it that way. A good place that makes great quality cards at a very good price is Gotprint.net or gotprint.com

Here is a video that will help you win at Drop Cards

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