Who are your MLM Prospects

Everyone wants to know, who are your MLM Prospects?


 MLM ProspectsI’m sure your upline or someone has told you that everybody qualifies as your MLM prospects. Is that really true? Is everyone a prospect for your MLM / Network Marketing business? Let’s look at who are the true MLM prospects for your Network Marketing business.


To find out who are the MLM prospects we must first establish who are NOT a MLM prospects.

  • People with a negative attitude.
  • People not looking for more or change.
  • Poor people (there is a difference in poor and broke)
  • Lazy people.

Now we know who is not a prospect let’s find out who are MLM prospects.

A prospect is someone that is looking for change or something better. It might be someone looking for your product. MLM prospects are many times wanting change but they don’t know it yet or aren’t admitting it yet. Many times they are in need of change, but are not sure what that means.


Older or younger people make better MLM prospects?

Once again you can look at any Network Marketing company event and see many people from all ages at the event. I know about a 78 year old lady making around $200K to $500K a year in MLM. I also know a 18 year old boy making over $100K and year in Network marketing. With the change in the economy I see the younger generation starting their MLM businesses and a lot of baby boomers as well. I don’t see how you could establish if they are MLM prospects by their age?


What gender makes them better MLM prospects?

What gender is best for your network marketing business? Does it matter if they are male or female? There is a very large percentage female that are in Network marketers / MLM’ers. But many top MLM’ers men. Is that because men are better MLM’ers then women? I don’t think so. Women are some of the best MLM leaders. When you go to a big Network Marketing meeting you see that there are about the same number of male and females in attendance. If you look at event attendance as a gauge you who are better MLM prospects men or woman? You cannot pick them by their gender.


How about are good MLM prospects educated?

I don’t think you can look for only the educated or the not educated as your taget MLM prospects. I know many people in MLM that dropped out of high school. I also know many doctors and lawyers that are in MLM. So education does not make them better MLM prospects.



Good MLM prospects are people that are of all ages, gender and education that are looking for change. We are looking for people that are looking for something new in their life, extra income or a way out, these are the MLM prospects you need to be looking for. My mentor all ways told me “you’re looking for a need then show them how my opportunity or product would fill that need”. We could go on and on about what someone could be looking for that a MLM opportunity would fill. Many times someone could qualify as MLM prospects and not even know it themselves.


You have to ask everyone and let them decide if they are MLM prospects or not.

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MLM Prospects


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