Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward to get where you want to go.

Keep Moving Forward


Many times there are things you need change to move forward in your life.

Sometimes its things you need to do differently to keep moving forward in your live. Many times it’s things you need to stop doing to keep moving forward in your life.


Here’s a list of things you may need to give up to keep moving forward in your life.

10 Things you must give up to move forward.

#1- Stop letting other people’s opinion control your lifeKeep Moving Forward

Many times we keep ourselves from moving forward in our life because we are concerned with what others think. It’s not what others think that matter it’s what you think that counts. You need to start doing what is best for you in your life not what’s best for others. Stop letting the opinions of others control your life.


#2- Past failures.

Keep Moving Forward

You must stop letting the shame of your past direct you and prevent you from keep moving forward. Your past does not dictate your future. Stop living in the past. All that matters is where you are going not where you have been. It’s time to give up the shame of the past.



#3- Being indecisive about what you want

To keep moving forward in life you must make a decision about what you want and then move forward toward it with passion. You cannot leave the past you are on until you make a choice where you would rather be. Make the decision to to decide what it is that you want and then keep moving forward passionately towards it.

#4- Putting off your goals

Stop procrastination on the goals that matter to you the most. Now is the time to tackle life with gusto. You have two main choices to make; to accept things the way they are, or to take responsibility to change them. It’s time to stop procrastinating on the goals that matter to you the most.

#5- Doing nothing

It’s time to do something! You don’t get to choose when you will die only home many regrets you will have when it’s over. You can choose how you will live today and tomorrow. You have the ability to live today; every day is a new chance to choose how you will live today. Don’t just sit there; DO SOMETHING!

#6- Needing to be right

Many times our need to be right or not to fail can prevent you from keep moving forward in your life. Strive to be successful but don’t ever give up your right to fail. Don’t let fear of being wrong stop you from making a choice. The fear of failure or being wrong will deny you the ability to learn and try new things and keep you from moving forward with your life.

#7- Running from problems

Avoiding problems that need to be fixed does not remove the problem. Stop running from them and make a decision to deal with them and move on with life. Face the issues, if there are people involved it’s time to forgive and forget. It’s time to keep moving forward in life and forgive and appreciate and love the people in your life. Stop running from the problems that should be fixed.

Keep Moving Forward

#8- Making decisions

Many times failure stems from people making excuses rather then decisions. Stop making excuses and stat making decisions.

#9- Focusing on the negative

Sight is not the ability to see rather the ability to have vision. What you see depends on what you’re focused on. Focus on your past successes not your past failures. It will be very hard to be happy if you are not thankful of the things in your life right now. Think about the positive to keep moving forward to your destiny.

#10- Not being in the moment

You must appreciate the present moment to keep moving forward with where you want to go. Many times when we are looking to accomplish something big we forget that many of life’s great accomplishments and made up of little things. Appreciate the present moment for it will never come again.

 keep moving forward

In conclusion; keep moving forward life is too short to not go for it with everything you have.

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Vincent St.Louis

Fighting the forces of mediocrity

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