The Empower Network Opportunity

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Had an amazing time at the Empower Network event this weekend 3000+ people.

The Empower Network Opportunity



We joined Empower only to learn Internet Marketing. We where not looking for an income opportunity. We where looking for a system that was good, useful, NO bull sh*t and would teach anyone Internet Marketing. We studied all the products for 2 months found it was the best complete online marketing system I have ever seen. If someone buys all the products and becomes a student and learns from what they just bought anyone can and will make money online and create a constant flow of new targeted leads.

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Business Building Strategies

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Business building strategies; 5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies.


business building strategies Are you in business for yourself? Do you work from home? Working for yourself and running your own business is a fantastic and challenging experience. You can wake up exhilarated to begin your day and go to bed feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. The key to business success is to maintain a positive, yes you can do it, mindset.

I have worked from home for the last ten years. 2002 to be exact. It has it’s rewards and it’s challenges. Read my 5 powerful mind success business building strategies below to help create a positive mind set.


Easier said than done, right?


Here are 5 powerful mind success strategies to help you create and sustain a positive mindset so you attain the success you desire.

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Empower Network why I joined

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Empower Network Vincent St.Louis joins Empower Network

So why did I choose to expand and why choose Empower Network? I have been looking to became in some way apart of the internet for some time now. I have looked at many if not all the attraction marketing plans out there and for my reasons they did not appeal to me. I have bought hundreds of dollars of internet training and SEO training until I’m blue in the face. The internet is not going away and as a leader in the network marketing industry I needed to find a way to one; understand it and two; find a way to use it to help my team build their MonaVie business. To not do so is doing an injustice as a leader of so many.

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Google Website Tools

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Google website tools are a very over looked resource.

When you hear the word Google most people think of Google search engine. Ranking high in the search engines is you primary focus as a blogger or online marketer. Optimization of your website for the search engines, drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs.

Google Website Tools


Google is not just a search engine. Google has a wealth of online marketing tools, that most people don’t know exist, Google website tools can help you drive more traffic to your site and has both free and paid marketing tools.

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Empower Network

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Empower Network is a newly launched affiliate blogging program,

created by two of the most successful online marketers… David Wood and David Sharp. Empower Network is not a MLM or Network Marketing business, but more of an affiliate or membership system. Empower Network is a membership blogging and affiliate site that provides high quality content and online marketing training not found anywhere at any price. It also pays 100% affiliate commissions to those members who refer others.

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Who is Stealing Your Dream

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Have you ever talked to your brother-in-law or your brother and they explained all the reasons why Network Marketing doesn’t work. I bet they can explain reasons why a lot of things don’t work. That’s because he’s a loser.

Has he ever built a large network? If not, he’s the last person in the world you should be taking advice from.

Just because your Uncle John was in Amway for two months doesn’t make him an expert. And just because your cousins Billy Bob had a neighbor in one of those things for two weeks five years ago and they never made any money, doesn’t qualify them to teach you about success.

Most of us have someone that has told us time and time again that no one makes money at Netwark Marketing. As bad as this sounds, the fact is that most MLMers learn how to stay away from Uncle Herb and cousins Pookie and Ray-Ray. That’s the easy part for most. After the first couple times with them it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out- just don’t go near them. Read more

You Need To Have Desire

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Pursue Your Dreams and Goals

You need to focus on where you want to go and what you want to do.
Keep in front of you what you want to accomplish.