“Vincent St.Louis, I have been around this industry for over 20 years, and I have witnessed countless events by distributor groups and corporations. Your event was a very special event, beyond anything I could ever possibly express to someone not in attendance. Tracy and I were moved beyond words and certain we just witnessed the birth of many of MonaVie’s Diamonds and Black Diamonds. Future greatness was all over that room. Vincent your leadership is outstanding. Over the last 20 years I have been around many leaders in the Network Marketing industry, but Vincent St.Louis you rank up there with the top leaders in this industry. I just witnessed greatness in you beyond anything I have ever seen. I am honored to call you my friend and business partner.”

Darrell Utterbach, MonaVie Royal Black Diamond


Hello my name is Hyun Oh I live in Japan. I am so thankful that I chose to do business with Vincent St.Louis in the MonaVie business. I had other choices, but chose Vincent because his integrity and I could feel he was sincere. Mr. Vincent St.Louis worked with me every step of the way. Vincent went out of his way to help me grow my MonaVie business in Japan. I am so happy and thankful for Vincent and Kari’s help and support. I would recommend anyone looking to build an international business work with Vincent. Thank you for all your hard work to help me succeed. Hyun Japan


Matias Leiva is a great leader in the Network Marketing and Internet marketing industry. Matias gives a great review about working with Vincent St.Louis


“I have known Vincent St.Louis for over 20 years and have worked with him on two major projects the most recent project has been over the last two years. Vincent St.Louis has shown his leadership skills to be of the highest quality. His ability to meet people where they are and help them see their potential is one of his strongest points but he has mastered the ability to create a culture of respect, trust and family which is by fare a rare trait that most people never fully understand how important it is to create not only as a leader but to be able to move people to do the things they know they are capable of doing. He is able to get people to rise to the occasion and find out what they are made of. I enjoy my business relationship with Vincent because I know his is a man of character. On a friendship level I know that he is there for me if I am in need of a friend or a hand up. Vincent is someone I will trust with my children and my wife, he is someone that you can count on in any circumstance.”

Jim Bellacera
President / Founder
Successful Thinkers Inc.


Vincent St.Louis has helped me build a very big MonaVie business. I have been in the Network Marketing industry for many years. From the day I first talked to Vincent I knew he was someone I wanted to work with. I searched the Internet looking for a sponsor in MonaVie when they first launched in Japan. I wanted someone that I could trust with me and my team. I could tell Vincent St.Louis was a man of integrity. We have become very good friends. Vincent St.Louis thank you for helping my team succeed. You are an amazing leader. Hitoshi Sapporo Japan


“I met Vincent St.Louis about 16 months ago. I have been in both traditional business, and MLM businesses for 30+ years. I knew when I met him that day at Starbucks, that he was a guy I could, #1 trust and #2 run with. Today I feel like I have known Vincent St.Louis my whole life. He has been a mentor, and a friend. I can’t wait to travel the world with him, building this business one person at a time. “

Mel Vesely
Gold Executive
Going Black Diamond!


“When I first met Vincent St.Louis, I knew instantly he was an international leader of thousands. His leadership philosophy is simple: hard work and integrity win every time. Thanks to his guidance, I have one of the fastest growing businesses in California and to my knowledge there is no bigger business in all of Sacramento. How did I do it? I just listened to Vincent St.Louis and did exactly what he told me to. I encourage everyone I meet to do the same.”

Cliff Alexander
Designer , Speaker , entrepreneur and inspiration to Thousands


“I met Vincent St.Louis in March of 2008, when I joined his Mona Vie business. Vincent is a very dedicated individual. He has always provided leadership to those in his MonaVie business and I can say that his knowledge and passion of network marketing in invaluable. His passion for his business shows every time he speaks about MonaVie. Vincent St.Louis created “Team 212” primarily to help new entrepreneurs; however what he has created is a community of people that would never have come together. He is an invaluable part of Team 212 and a leader that is highly respected. Through his leadership, Team 212 is always on the forefront of training new distributors. Vincent St.Louis goal has always been directed at helping each and every person succeed.”

Pat Estes
30 years in Mortgage Industry


“Vincent St.Louis has to be the most passionate man I know about helping people reach their dreams. Vincent St.Louis is first of all genuinely concerned about the interests of others; and his business is his vehicle. In my experience as Vice President of a large producer group in the 15th largest company in the world, I can confidently say that Vincent has leadership qualities second to none. Have a visit with him, and it will change your life. It changed mine.”

Erik Carlson
Motivational Speaker, and America’s Ambassador of F.U.N.


“My name is Zack Finley and I own Twin Termite Pest Control and Construction, Inc. I met Vincent St.Louis one year ago and he has changed my life forever. Through network marketing Vincent St.Louis has taught me how to leverage my time so that I can be home with the family more while receiving a residual income each week. I am so grateful to be able to call Vincent a true friend. I have met a lot of people over the years and it hard to find someone with as much passion and integrity as Vincent St.louis has. An amazing family man, spiritual man and business man. He truly cares in helping others.”

Zack Finley
Owner Twin Termite Pest Control

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