Internet Marketing tip

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A great wat to market you website is to create pictures with quotes on them and then add your web address at the bottom. This is a great way to have your website seen by many. By posting your picture on Facebook, pinterest or other social media site you have the ability for others to share your picture and then your website will go with it.


This a picture I created that shared by a well known person and inturn it was then shared over 200 times all with my website on it.

Internet Marketing Tip


Here are a few other picture I created that got shared on Many peoples Facebook and beyond.

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Examples of Viral Marketing

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Examples of Viral Marketing- Keep it Light

 Examples of Viral Marketing


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Creating Passive Income

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Creating Passive Income is the enticement of the internet.


Passive income is money that comes in without you having to constantly work at it. The best part of the internet is it gives you the ability to make a GLOBAL income from efforts you did in the past. Many people are drawn to work at home opportunities because of the passive income potential.

Creating Passive Income


Creating passive income, how does it work?

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What to Say in Your Blog

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Blog All About It: What to Say in Your Blog


What to Say in Your BlogWriter’s block is a common ailment among blog writers, whether it is a news reporter under a deadline or a student trying to finish a report. If you are a blogger, you may find yourself suffering from “blogger’s block”, the condition of not knowing What to Say in Your Blog.


The media is a great place to find things to blog about. Watch the local news, read the paper, or check media websites. Take a look at what is going on in the world and spin the stories into a tale for your readers. If you have a website about weight loss and come across a news clip that features something they would find interesting, by all means, blog about it. After you give your opinion on the story, link to the original news source as a convenience for your readers. They may find your post so interesting; they’ll want to read the original story, too.

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The common theme in Network and Internet Marketing is MARKETING. I get comments all the time from people telling me, “I’m not getting and sign ups” or this is not working for me”. People you have to remember its Marketing.

The one that shows the most wins.

You get paid to market and sell that’s it. There are many activities that must be done and many that people do only to avoid what needs to be done. Many times they don’t do marketing because they are scared or don’t know how.

The learning is in the doing.

You just got to jump.

If you are not marketing, that means sharing your product or opportunity with someone new on a regular basses you will not win.



Yesterday, I was sitting at a Starbucks watching a young kid about 21 or so doing a sign-up for his network marketing business. The guy he was signing up was also young and had his hat on sideways and just not someone I would pin as a marketer. But the guy signed up. The younger kid was doing Marketing. At the same Starbucks I watched as a young 17 year old was fixing Iphones. When he was done he walked through the Starbuck dropping his business cards on every empty table. WOW I thought this kid is a true entrepreneur. So I followed him out talked to him and now we are doing internet marketing business together.


Marketers are always marketing. You can’t wait for the food to come to you. In the bible it says God will take care of your needs that even the sparrows in the field have all their needs. But remember that even the sparrows needed to go out and get the food.


If you are in any marketing, make sure you are majoring in the majors and not the miners.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Vincent St.Louis

Fighting the forces of mediocrity.


Business Building Strategies

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Business building strategies; 5 Powerful Mind Success Strategies.


business building strategies Are you in business for yourself? Do you work from home? Working for yourself and running your own business is a fantastic and challenging experience. You can wake up exhilarated to begin your day and go to bed feeling overwhelmed and mentally exhausted. The key to business success is to maintain a positive, yes you can do it, mindset.

I have worked from home for the last ten years. 2002 to be exact. It has it’s rewards and it’s challenges. Read my 5 powerful mind success business building strategies below to help create a positive mind set.


Easier said than done, right?


Here are 5 powerful mind success strategies to help you create and sustain a positive mindset so you attain the success you desire.

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Empower Network why I joined

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Empower Network Vincent St.Louis joins Empower Network

So why did I choose to expand and why choose Empower Network? I have been looking to became in some way apart of the internet for some time now. I have looked at many if not all the attraction marketing plans out there and for my reasons they did not appeal to me. I have bought hundreds of dollars of internet training and SEO training until I’m blue in the face. The internet is not going away and as a leader in the network marketing industry I needed to find a way to one; understand it and two; find a way to use it to help my team build their MonaVie business. To not do so is doing an injustice as a leader of so many.

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Future social media

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Future Social Media Marketing in 2012

 Future social media

What is the future social media marketing?

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Google Website Tools

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Google website tools are a very over looked resource.

When you hear the word Google most people think of Google search engine. Ranking high in the search engines is you primary focus as a blogger or online marketer. Optimization of your website for the search engines, drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs.

Google Website Tools


Google is not just a search engine. Google has a wealth of online marketing tools, that most people don’t know exist, Google website tools can help you drive more traffic to your site and has both free and paid marketing tools.

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Generate Web Traffic

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Generate Web Traffic – Use SEO

A critical pieces in building a online business is learning how to generate web traffic. There are many different methods, but today I wanted to share you a low cost method I use every day.

Generate Web Traffic

Generate Web Traffic – Using SEO

In building a business online one of the cool things is that there are a lot of ways to generate web traffic. The main ways are free and paid. One takes money the other takes time. If you have more time than money you need to get good at SEO. If you have more money the time the sky’s the limit. You need to understand that time is money. You will find that the more you can outsource the more you will free up your time.


Let’s talk about how to generate free web traffic using SEO.

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