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Empower Network Vincent St.Louis joins Empower Network

So why did I choose to expand and why choose Empower Network? I have been looking to became in some way apart of the internet for some time now. I have looked at many if not all the attraction marketing plans out there and for my reasons they did not appeal to me. I have bought hundreds of dollars of internet training and SEO training until I’m blue in the face. The internet is not going away and as a leader in the network marketing industry I needed to find a way to one; understand it and two; find a way to use it to help my team build their MonaVie business. To not do so is doing an injustice as a leader of so many.

I have always built my network marketing business using what is called the old school method of belly to belly and I still do and I still believe it’s the best way to build, but to say you cannot build on the internet just did not settle with me. There are people with very good internet skills that should use them It would be a shame and a misdirection on my part if I was to tell them not to use your skill to better yourself and your business. We all have skills that allow us to do one thing or another better than others or at least better because of our skills. I am great at cold calling; I have team members that would die on the vine if cold calling was the only way I teach to build. Also where eyes go is where the money flows; and the internet and social media is where the eyes are going. Just because I did not believe the internet was an opportunity does not mean it’s not. Just because you do not see the bus does not mean it won’t run you over. And the internet is a bus of opportunity that will run you over or you will get on it and ride to your successful destination.


So why Empower Network? I took 2.5 months to look the system over. I needed to know “if there was no money to be made with Empower Network would I buy the product” My business decisions cannot be only about making money I have to many people that look up to me as a friend and leader. I don’t take that for granted. I must be as sure about my choices as I can. Will I always make the right choose NO, not passable, nor do I want to. So I took the training that I bought from the empower products and used what I learned on my own website ( http://vincentstlouis.com ) that I have used for 5 years. When I started using the training on my website my Alexa rank was around 9 million, after putting the training I got from the Empower products I now rank around 500,000 and am ranking on first page of Google many times. So yes I would buy the products in Empower if there was no money to be made.


Then I needed to trust the ownership Dave Wood and Dave Sharp. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut and instinct. I feel I am teaming up with great people that are willing to make a mistake admit it and correct it without hiding it.


My mission with Empower is not to build a list of people to get them to join my MonaVie business. I realize that most people all ready have a business they are looking to build they are not interested in mine. Some will be and I will be there for them. I have a true passion to help everyone in the network marketing industry. I plan to build a safe community just like I did with TEAM 212. A place where people can come together without the fear of their team being recruited out from under them. A place people can come together and help one another to succeed no matter what business they are in, including Empower Network. A place where people can join Empower and not be sold the affiliate idea of the month, where you will not be pushed to buy then next product launch you and your team must have to succeed. I will build a team that we work with everyone no matter what package they buy. It seems so many leaders in Empower will not work with you unless you’re all in, (buy all the products) I don’t care what you buy, we will do our best to help you win. Should you buy all the products of course you should, but you don’t have to in order to be helped and treated with respect. We will help and support everyone.


Finally, I love my company MonaVie. I believe in it and the leadership. I pray MonaVie will be my last network marketing company. I believe Empower Network will add to my MonaVie business or I would never have joined. The internet is not for everyone just like cold calling. But maor and more people are looking to the internet as a way to brand themselves and to build an income.


As a business decision, it makes more sense to have two $20K and month incomes then One $40K a month income. And that is my plan.


For anyone that is looking for an online opportunity or maybe looking at Empower Network, but just not sure who to join. If you know me you will understand I will win at Empower just like I did with MonaVie. Also if you’re looking to join a team that will leave the people from your primary network marketing business alone and have NO desire to recruit them into our team, Then you need to join us. Remember many of the Empower Network leaders are affiliate marketers and may have a plan to building a larger list (your list) and have plans to create products to sell to you and your team milking you and your team of every penny they can. My passion is making money and helping others do the same. Http://98000HOURS.COM



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