Empower Network

Empower Network is a newly launched affiliate blogging program,

created by two of the most successful online marketers… David Wood and David Sharp. Empower Network is not a MLM or Network Marketing business, but more of an affiliate or membership system. Empower Network is a membership blogging and affiliate site that provides high quality content and online marketing training not found anywhere at any price. It also pays 100% affiliate commissions to those members who refer others.

The Empower Network pays 100% commissions directly to each member as you sell you get paid with immediate payment direct to the member’s merchant account. Having a merchant account allows you to get paid as soon as your referrals make their monthly membership payments of $25 and/or $100 the payments are paid directly to you. This eliminates all the waiting for the company to write commission checks and it eliminates payroll expense for any staff. There is a small monthly fee of $19.95 for the merchant account, but with 100% commissions it will not take long to be breaking even and making money.

With empower networks low $25 start-up cost it really is a simple and non-expensive way to start a business. After starting you then have the option to upgrade to add a $100 package so your monthly expense will be $125 plus the $19.95 merchant account for a total monthly expense of $144.95 that’s not bad for a system that pays 100% of the money people pay to YOU. Most network marketing companies have a much larger autoship and only pay 10% to 15% not including bonuses, Empower pays 100% so you will soon be in the positive cash flow. Empower network also has affiliate packages that at the time of this article are a onetime payment of $250 and $500 plan. Each upgrade with empower gives you more and more online marketing training and also the ability to sell the upgrades and earn 100% commissions on each package. Even if you never promoted any of the empower network opportunity the training alone is worth way more than the $875 I paid. The training alone is worth way more than $875.

There are thousands and thousands of out-of-work people who are new to the internet marketing industry looking for a low cost start-up opportunity. There are literally millions of people that will be moving to the home-based business industry, this is your opportunity to expand your income and give people an opportunity outside of MLM or network marketing.


Empower Network Products?

The $25 startup gives you a Pre-Made Blog, already to go, no fussing with themes or installing plug-ins, or learning how to start a website. The technically challenged person has a totally set up blog ready to start blogging minutes after joining Empower Network. If you’re not new to websites you will enjoy the ability to not have to teach everyone you bring in how to start a wordpress. This system will save you so much time.


A turnkey marketing system – Empower Network provides you with Lead Capture Pages and Sales Pages so you don’t have to spend time learning how to develop them yourself. Also as your new person starts out with the $25 there is an automatic up-selling process to teach everyone new why they should upgrade and if the new person does not upgrade all the upgrade sells from their team go directly to YOU. With empower network you will not get paid commissions on anything you have not first purchase yourself. You can sell it but the commissions will go upline to the first person that has purchase that package. I love that. The capture pages and sales pages are of the very highest quality. The founder Dave Wood’s is one of the best at creating presentations that convert to sells. He is uniquely talented at this converting capture pages to sells. One of the main benefits of the Empower Network is that a new person can let those that know how to market do the selling and all they have to do is invite people to the capture page or to their blog. They have made it as simple as it can be. Included is an email system so you can send messages to all your leads at one time, or you can simply incorporate your own auto-responder like Awaber or any other auto-responder you’re using into the capture page.


Marketing Training- The system is complete with video and audio lessons to train everyone on how to use the system, how to market it and how to write good SEO rich blog posts. You also get access to ongoing trainings and lessons not only from Dave Wood, but also from other top producers in empower network.

There are essentially 2 membership levels, the $25 and the $100.

The $25 is the basic blogging and capture page system.

The $100 Inner Circle membership provides access to more expert marketing training.

There is also a 3rd membership level the 15K program for $250 onetime fee. The 15K program has some of the most intensive online marketing and SEO training I have ever seen. This is the training that has changed my primary network marketing business and gave it an online presents. By using what I learned in the 15k program my website www.vincentstlouis.com went from an Alexa traffic rank of almost 6 million to 600,000 in less than two months. Using the information I learned in the 15K program all for $250 WOW what a deal.

The 4th membership is the “Costa Rica Mastermind Session” a onetime fee of $500. This was recorded at a mastermind intensive with top leaders in the online marketing field that was recorded at Dave Wood’s home in Costa Rica.

All the membership levels pay you directly 100% commissions. That means that if you buy it and someone in your downline buys it all of money for it goes to YOU.

Empower Network is basically a done-for-you blog and marketing training, with all the sales pages and presentations already done. Everything you would need to build your business. And keep in the mind the blog is your blog to blog about anything you want. Take a look at my empower network blog.

It’s my observation that for less than a tank of gas the $25 per month is a really phenomenal amount of value.


Empower networks compensation plan.

As you refer others to the Empower Network you earn $25 or $100 per month, depending upon which level they join at. As they upgrade and add a level or a package you receive all the commissions as long as you have upgraded to that package also.

Some of your new affiliates will get passed up to your sponsor. Your 2nd, 4th, 6th affiliates pass-up, then every fifth referral gets passed up, so that’s referral number 2,4,6,11, 16, 21… and so on get passed up. Remember the same thing happens to everyone that you bring in and that they bring in.

Empower Network

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At my first glance at the Empwer Network I did not like all the pass-ups, Because I felt that if I’m going to refere a lot of people I should keep the commissions. I also feel that most people aren’t ever going to bring in 11 people so the idea of having pass-ups beyond #4 or #5 is pointless, but the Average Joe is going to want to be able to receive pass-ups. All I can say is I have been in network marketing for over 11 years and there are many things I don’t like about many parts of it. SO WHAT it is the way it is and if you want more do more… and quit being a wuzzy and get over it.

Also, since you are going to receive a new paying member every 5th referral, you will be more encouraged to help your team get better and do more. Consider as well that it’s only $25.00 there really isn’t any reason for any professional in this industry to not add Empower Network as another income stream. After all if your main opportunity enrolment cost is $250 to $500 In this economy you need an opportunity to put all the people who can’t afford your main opp. That’s one of the benefits of a $25, 100% commission program.


Empower Network Blogging System.

View the Empower Network capture page HERE. Go ahead and submit your email and watch the presentation. Keep in mind this is the same capture page you will have. No need to build your own, although with all the great training if you want to venture out you will learn how to expanded your online presents, I did.

So you can see how well organized and easy-to-follow the empower network system is. They even track all your statistics for you. This is about as easy as any system can get and it pays you 100% commissions.


Is Empower Network Right For You?

I don’t know. That would depend upon you. My guess is that if you’re still reading, then yes it would be for you. But there are many different types of people in the world and to say that one thing is right for everyone is just insanity. Just like telling everyone that they need to build their network marketing business by going to the mall and talking to everyone. That just not be the correct fit for that person. The beauty about the internet is it just gives people one more option to build your team and / or create an additional income. The truth is everyone should have more than one income source.


Empower Network may be ideal for you if:

  • You are a network marketer and want to add an income and at the same time add leads.
  • You are an ambitious, motivated person who wants an effective online business.
  • You want to learn how to make money online and want the simplest place possible to start.
  • You are looking to learn from the pros to increase your marketing skills.
  • You have an interest in blogging but don’t have time to learn all the technical stuff.
  • You want the highest-possible return for your time and work.
  • You’re looking to take advantage of the internet trend.
  • You’re looking for a program that a newbie internet marketer and a non-technical person can do.
  • If you’re looking for something that you don’t have to spend 6 months studying all that technical internet stuff.
  • You need a low-cost lead generating program for your network marketing opportunity or you simple want a low-cost alternative for the people who say no to your current opportunity because they can’t afford it.
  • You want your 100% commissions paid immediately.


Empower Network 100% Commissions

100% commissions are not easy to find. I have built a very successful network marketing business, but I have never be able to build it online like I can now. I have looked at many of the other online opportunities out there, but I did not like many parts of them.


 My final thought on Empower Network.

If I don’t feel it is a good try system for me and my family I won’t do it. If I would not buy the products if there was no money to be made I will not do it. I have put the training of the empower network to the test. I took what I learned in the training and used it on my website www.vincentstlouis.com for 2 months before I told anyone what I was doing. I was more concerned if this was s good deal then I was about making money. When I started putting the training I got in the empower network 15k program my website vincentstlouis.com was 4 years old and had an Alexa ranking of over 5 million and nothing was in any search engine. Now I rank first page in many google searches and I now have an Alexa ranking of 625,568 I have dropped 5 million points in less than two months using what I learned from empower network. So yes I will start promoting it.


Chief Inspiration Officer

Vincent St.Louis

Fighting the forces of mediocrity.



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