Google Website Tools

Google website tools are a very over looked resource.

When you hear the word Google most people think of Google search engine. Ranking high in the search engines is you primary focus as a blogger or online marketer. Optimization of your website for the search engines, drive more and more traffic to our websites and blogs.

Google Website Tools


Google is not just a search engine. Google has a wealth of online marketing tools, that most people don’t know exist, Google website tools can help you drive more traffic to your site and has both free and paid marketing tools.

Tools like, Google Analytics , Google Adwords, Google+ Social Network, Google Places, Google News, Google Reader, Google Alerts , and Google Docs and that’s just a few of the many available.


Let’s examine a few of the Google Website Tools now.

Google Analytics is a FREE and great website traffic tracking tool. Google Analytics provides you with a wealth of information about the people that visit your website. Google Analytics provides you with information about your visitors like, how they got to your site, how long they stayed on your site, and what pages they visited while there. Google Analytics provide the information you need to measure the effectiveness of your ads, capture pages, blogging SEO and other marketing efforts so that you can tweak your marketing to better your results.

Here are some other tracking tools, Adword’s Conversion Tracking and Conversion Optimizer. Conversion Tracking shows you which visitors to your site actually performed the desired actions.


Google Places can give you great bang for your buck, especially because it’s FREE! When people in your local area, search for your type of business, Google Places is great way to get your business to show up on the first page of the search. Google Places will get your business found on both Google Search and Google Maps. Many time when people are doing a search they are looking for a place in their area, by using Google Places you put your business as a local business. People like to do business with those they know, like, and trust.


To add your business to Google Places go to and add your business to the listing. Make sure you register your business in Google places and watch your traffic increase. Make sure you optimize your business by using the keywords you want people to find you for. You can enhance your listing by adding images and videos to help capture your prospective client’s attention and make sure you provide links to your website and you contact information.


Google Adwords is for paid advertising. Google Adwords is where you purchase Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads. These are the ads that show up in a shaded area at the top of the Google Search Results, also known as Sponsored Links. Adword ads also show up on many websites in the Google Display Network. For example, if you are marketing a weight loss product, your ad can show up on health and wellness sites. Adwords has a Context Targeting Tool that allows you to create your ad groups based on the keywords you want.

You really should educate yourself about paid strategies like PPC before embarking on this type of marketing, as it could get pretty expensive if you are not careful. You should also know that about 75% of searchers will click on the organic (free) search results and only 25% of online searchers will click on the paid ads.


Google Keywords Tool is a great place for your keyword research strategy. Google Keyword Tools is part of the Google Adwords, but you can use Google Keywords whether you’re using paid (Adwords) or free marketing. Your keyword research is going to be one of the most important part of your search engine optimization.


Google News and Google Alerts are great places to generate content ideas. Google News allows you to stay on top of the latest news about your industry. You can use the latest news information to write a blog post about this information before your competitors.

Google Alerts instantly alerts you about news related to keywords that interest you. Instead of monitoring Google News, you can be alerted when something that interests you comes across the wire.


Google Plus is a relatively new social network that can drive both search engine and social media traffic to your site. You can install the google plus Button on your website. Similar to the Facebook Like Button, these button allows your readers to easily share links and promote what’s on your site. I have read about some research that shows that you are 3.5 times more likely to receive traffic if you have the +1 Button on your website.



Google Website Tools has a lot to offer for your SEO needs.

You need to take the time to take look at Google Website Tools and use everything you can to help promote your website in the Google search engines. When it comes to getting traffic from Google, one thing is true, you will pay one way or the other to get listed. You will pay money to get traffic in the form of paid or you can pay with your time that it takes to create content and optimize your website to get organic or free search results. Paid marketing can provide quick and immediate results, but search engine optimizing your site for free traffic is a more long-term strategy. With a good SEO blog post you can receive traffic organically forever from what you write.


Google Website Tools is a great way to add to your never ending reach for first page ranking.


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