What is iMarkets Live

What is iMarkets Live and should you look into it.

To start I’ve read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in fact I’ve read it several times. In the book he talks about how 5% of the individuals who control 95% of world’s wealth on the right side of a quadrant with business owners and investors. And 95% of people are on the left side of the quadrant they were employees who have a job and self-employed person who owns a job.
In this review on iMarkets Live my goal is to show you how you can go from the left side of the quadrant to the right side.

What is iMarkets Live

There’s a great quote that said “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

iMarkets Live was founded in 2013. The Network Marketing compensation plan launched in July 2015. iMarkets Live is established in over 120 countries globally and most important they are totally debt free. The person behind iMarketsLive is CEO and founder Christopher Terry. Christopher Terry’s has a net worth of over $85 million dollars. Christopher has been teaching trading for over 22 years. He’s been quoted in over six books, dozens of magazines, been on Bloomberg Radio, the money show and other such financial media outlets. The CEO of iMarkets Live, Christopher is one of the hardest-working people that I’ve ever known. Who’s literally changing hundreds and even thousands of people’s lives all over the globe with this now opportunity call iMarkets Live.

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iMarkets Live ways to make you money

First is the powerful Forex Trading. Forex Trading and the iMarketing Live system shows you the power of monthly recurring income. Most of Americans work 2 weeks then get a check and pay their bills then they repeat the process over and over, from one month to the next. This usually happens until they retire. That strategy is the least likely to put you in a position to live your life to the fullest.

 Forex trading explained


iMarkets live’s Auto Trader

iMarkets live’s Auto Trader is a set it and forget it system. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader is a mirror trading system for the person that does not want to learn anything about the Forex Market. You don’t want to spend the time having the study and figure things out not a problem. iMarkets Live info has Market experts that will actually do all of the trades for you so your account mirrors their trade. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader has several traders to choose from depending on your risk tolerance, low, medial or high risk tolerance. You can see exactly what their growth percentages and how much they’ve gained, how much they have done over a certain course of weeks. You can see the entire trading everything is completely transparent as we take you through this process of being able to grow your money. How would you like to grow your money by 3% 5 % 10% every single month? Now we can’t give you a guarantee but based upon past profits we can show you that you can make money and you can do it hands-free. iMarkets live’s Auto Trader can create true residual income that you can see every single month. The good news is you don’t put your money with a iMarkets Live you put your money right in your own brokerage account. iMarkets Live has several Brokerages that they recommend. You can withdraw and deposit at any time. That way you have the peace of mind that your money is taken care.

iMarkets Live Harmonic Scanner

iMarkets Live’s powerful product is the harmonic scanner. The powerful scanner is an extremely accurate indicator is a very easy to use tool it saves you time by scanning the Forex market for a high probability trend reversal. Unlike common indicators out there it gives you the entry exit and target prices of the upcoming trades and the most important thing about iMarkets Live Harmonic Scanner is it’s extremely accurate. That’s why it’s one of the most valuable and sought-after trading tools in the entire trading community. iMarkets Live members have the exclusive rights to it.
iMarkets Live Harmonic Scanner is Coveted by some of the most successful traders in the world. It’s easily valued at over $5,000. The good news for you is you don’t need $5,000 because as an active iMarkets Live subscriber your licensed to use it as long as you remain on your monthly subscription.

iMarkets Live’s Live Trading Room

The third product is iMarkets Live’s Live Trading Room. How would you like to be able to trade with someone like Christopher Terry CEO of iMarkets Liv 5 days a week? In both the London session and New York City markets. The iMarkets Live’s Live Trading Room has an average of six to seven thousand people a day in our lives trading rooms. You can look over the shoulder and be able to trade on the spot with Christopher Terry while he trains you on exactly how a scanner works and what the markets doing. You can see in the iMarkets Live’s Live Trading Room chat rooms are completely blowing up with people sharing their profits. Posting their trades right there from their smart phone. You are able to get access to that right through the live trading room it’s very, very powerful.

iMarkets Live compensation Plan

And with iMarkets Live there’s so much more. You’re going to love the power of leverage and residual income when I show you how simple this is to share and create residual income for yourself. A simple example if you were to share iMarkets Live with 3 individuals yours is FREE, It’s what’s called “3 and it’s free” so you share with 3 individuals they become a part of iMarkets Live and that’s going to take care of your monthly subscription. There is no limit to how many you recruit iMarkets Live will pay you $35 every single time that you enroll somebody personally. If you recruit 3 is your first 14 days you get the fast start bonus. They call that the perfect storm and their going to give you next to $35. If those 3 subscribers remain active you’re going to get $150 every single month which is going to cover your monthly fee. This is called the Sweet Spot of iMarkets Live referral program. It’s called the 600 club. The formula is called B3 H3 G3 which stands for Bring 3, Help 3, and get 3. What that means is that your three people, decide to go out and do the exact the same thing and get 3 you now have 12 total subscribers on your team. That means that you’re going to get a $600 residual income every single month. When someone that you personally enroll shares iML with someone else who then gets access to our products you’re going to make a 5 to $10 residual bonus that is paid weekly. I just covered your platinum 150 that means that you had 3 subscribers going to get $150 a month. Achieve the 600 clubs by getting a total of 12 subscribers and get a $600 residual income. See the image and watch the short iMarkets Live Compensation Plan video below for more details.


iMarketing Live 3 by 8 Matrix

The iMarketing Live’s 3 by 8 Matrix you get $3.80 for every single person in your matrix. That leads me into the 100% check match bonus. Based upon your Matrix your get a 100% check match on every one of your personal recruits matrix check.

Jay Paul Getty had a great quality said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own”

With the iMarkets Live Matrix that first mover advantage is VERY important. Don’t wait to long. Right now thousands of people are hearing about iMarkets live every day. Getting involved right now and get started today because as the matrix fills up you get the opportunity for spillover. And your matrix will fill up faster.

So just a quick summary: iMarkets Live has amazing products that are wanted by millions of people. Products that help people to make money. iMarkets Live has a powerful pay plan that allows you to earn big and also to earn fast. Then they have a simple system where all you have to do is share a link to one of the live webinars and it’s just as easy as sharing on your Facebook post or YouTube video.
Okay now a question you gotta ask yourself, are you working for your money or is your money working for you?

iMarkets Live has a 7 Day money back guarantee so if you don’t like what iMarkets Live has, you get any kind of dip your toe in to get your feet wet. That way if iMarkets Live is not for you, you can go ahead and request a refund and the company will take care of you.



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