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Posted on March 9, 2012 | Filed Under Network Marketing

MLM insider secrets your sponsor wishes you knew but can’t tell you. So he asked me to tell you.


Network marketing and MLM is a business that is going to grow faster and larger than ever before. With the economic crises changing the world more and more people are looking to the home based industry as an option. Creating a residual income is very attractive and powerful attractant to everyone. Network marketing offers people the opportunity for geometric growth and residual income. When you sponsor in a new distributor they are an independent distributor and therefore will be building for their own reasons. The reword can be extremely lucrative to sponsor someone that builds a very big team. In most MLM opportunities all you need is 2 to 4 true business builders and you can make an extremely large amount of money. . Residual income is income that is generated again and again from an original action.

One of the main MLM Insider secrets I would like to share with you is for the most part you don’t create a business builder you find them. You don’t create a leader you will find them almost every person that I know that built a large MLM team knew they would build it within the week or two of signing up. If you are waiting for this person or that person to finely start building it’s time to move on.

Focus on the winners is also a large missed MLM insider mistake. The winners will do it anyway. They will build it in spite of their sponsor. You need to focus on how to keep the long timer in. The person that stays active for 10 years and shows up to everything you or the company puts on. The person that shows the plan once or twice a year without fail. That’s the person you need to develop a system to keep them in. You will have more of them then you do people that will build a big team. You don’t need to waste your time with them you need the system to support them while you spend your time showing the plan to new people and helping the leaders win.

MLM Insider

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