MLM Tips build depth in Network Marketing

MLM Tips learn how to build depth in your Network Marketing business.

Building a successful MLM business takes both width and depth. In this article building depth is the MLM tips we will cover.

In this MLM Tips training; the proper way to build depth in network marketing,

I will reveal how to build a deep MLM business. For success in any Network Marketing / MLM business you need both a wide business and a deep business.

Width is profitability and depth is security.

MLM tip; build a wide business

MLM TipsRecruiting is how you build a wide MLM business. The more people you personally sponsor into your MLM business, the more profitable your business will be. By focusing on sponsoring new members every month you will establish a profitable business. I always set a goal to personally sponsor 1 to 2 a week. To do that, I needed to establish my ratio. You need to find your sponsoring ratio to establish the work you will need to do on a daily bases, known as your daily method of operation your DMO. How many people will you need to talk to, to get X number to sit down with you to see your plan, and how many plans you will have to show to get one person to say YES and join your MLM business. That’s your ratio. On average I needed to say hello and ask a qualifying question (are you open to looking at a business, are you looking for an opportunity, are you looking for more) to 6 to 8 people to get one I could show the plan to. I needed to show the plan 5 to 6 times to get one sign up.

My DMO ratio was talk to 40 people to get one signup. My show the plan ratio was show 10 plans to sign up 2 a month if I wanted to sponsor more I needed to prospect more to find the people to show the plan to in order to reach my set goal.

MLM tips find your ratio and set your DMO

Find your ratio and set your daily method of operation to match your set goal then do the needed daily work. Focusing on your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) is the best was to accomplish your sponsoring goal.

In my present Network Marketing opportunity I have personally sponsored over 300 people. I sponsored over 150 used the belly to belly technique and I used online marketing to sponsor over 150. Knowing your prospecting ratio puts you in the drivers’ seat and allows you to focus on your daily method of operation


MLM tips driving your team deep are security for your business.

Learning the proper way to build depth in your MLM business is the key to creating a long lasting and secure business. The more people you can get in and the deeper you can go the more secure team will be. More people will stay in when they have something to lose.

There is a skill to driving depth in MLM

Watch this video were I explain the proper way to drive depth your Network Marketing / MLM business.





By focusing on your DMO and learning the skills of driving your organization deeper and deeper, you will set yourself and your team up for a long and profitable Network Marketing business.

The best MLM Tips I can give you is width is profits and Depth is security.


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