iLiving App Pros and Cons

iLiving App ;The App that Inspires and Pays.

I would like to take the time in this two part in-depth look at the iLiving app. This first part I will look at the iLiving App as a business. I will first look at the business of iLA because it is in Pre-Launch right now and I really think you need to understand what the iLiving app could do for your financial well-being.


When I first heard about the iLiving App I did not need to look very deep. To me it was a NO-Brain-er. It was only $9.95 for the App and for the opportunity. And at the time I joined you would not be charged until the iLiving App actually launched. So why not join?


As I started learning about it I really started to see the potential it could bring as an income opportunity. Let’s look at a few pros and cons of the iLiving App.

Before I get into the pros and cons of the iLA app I must say, It’s only $9.95 a month with a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. Join iLiving App here

 iLiving App

iLiving App Cons

I’m a business man so I look at things from a different prospective then other. After I joined I started looking at the income potential of iLA. When looking at the iLiving App compensation plan you will find,

  • that the most you will get paid per person is $1.10 and as low as .05 on level 5. With a filled matrix you will be making $2511.75 a month that’s only a average of .87 cents per person.
  • The second iLiving App con. It takes 2187 to fill your matrix. That’s seems like a lot of people to only be making $2500 a month (see pros bellow)
  • Sorry I could only think of two cons


The iLiving App Pros

As I dig into the iLiving App compensation plan. All the cons I found have a flip side to them. Meaning they are a con but not totally a bad thing. So lets look at the counter effects of the cos and other pros to the iLiving app compensation plan.


iLiving AppThe first Con I brought to your attention is, you are only making an average of .87 cents a person in your matrix. The PRO of this is you get paid on everyone in your matrix whether you put them in or not. So this means that you really could join and never sponsor anyone into the matrix and get paid and in time you could make $2500 a month for doing NOTHING. (as long as others in your matrix above or below you are bringing in new people. This is a very neat aspect of the iLiving App Matrix payout. I like the fact that it’s a forced matrix so ever spot gets filled and because people will get paid on everyone in their matrix whether they put them there or not will assure a good retention rate.

Why would you quit iLiving App if you where making money or at least getting your for FREE. It only takes 9 people in your matrix to now have yours FREE. That is GREAT as a business person.


iLiving App pros and cons



The second con I talked about is it will take 2187 people to fill your matrix. The pro to this iLiving app con is; At first glance that looks like a lot of people. But when you look at the fact that this is a forced matrix it will fill up faster than you think. Plus the fact that if you do nothing you could still have your matrix fill and make $2500 a month.

Now let’s look at other Pros to the iLiving App business opportunity.

  • Its only $9.95 a month. That’s less that $10 to start your own business.
  • Its only $9.95 a month. I know it had to be said twice. It’s a big deal.
  • Its a forced matrix
  • There is a very good bonus match when you bring others in and help them make money. This really adds to your income potential.
  • The iLiving app is based on self help and self improvement. I have spent countless hours reading and watching self help stuff. The whole industry is very appalling to a lot of people
  • Its in the mobile phone App industry and large and growing industry.
  • Its not only for people with internet capable phones you can take advantage of the iLiving App without a cell phone at all.
  • With your $9.95 monthly membership you get a FREE iLiving App website.
  • You can with hard work make $10,000 plus a month. That’s good money for anyone.



So my conclusion about the pros and cons of the iLiving App is. It’s a no brainer it could be the best thing you every do for your personal live and or your financial life.

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iLiving App Pros and Cons



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