To build MLM online or not

To build MLM online or not that is the questing?

So I get this email from a friend commenting on one of my resent facebook post. This email subject is a email subject I have received before in fact I have received several calls before about this same subject.


The subject of the contact is. Vincent you should not be promoting internet marketing so much to build your Network Marketing business and you should not be putting down the old way of building a MLM “The belly to belly way”.

See to me this is part of the problem and part of the trap that I and so many others get caught in.

To build MLM online or not

“This is the way to build MLM because that’s the way it’s always been and that’s the only way and if you teach people to do it any other way you are going against the grain and you are confusing others”

“You need to be more concerned about who is reading or listening to what you’re saying. What you say is affecting my business, because I’m telling them this and you are telling them that”


“This is the only way that works and you are miss leading people to thinking they can build network marketing online

And on and on…


watch this video and look for the chickens in the background LOL

 Fight the fear and build your Network Marketing anyway!

I fail to see the difference in everyone telling me that I should be able to meet new people just get over your fear or your shyness or your uneasiness with meeting new people. You can do it. It’s not that bad just keep doing it you will get over it. If your dream is big enough you will force yourself to do it.

Build MLM online or belly to belly

And I did I forced myself to do it for many years. I did Network Marketing prospecting every way you can. It was one of the scariest thing you could ever get me to do. Meet a stranger in a coffee shop. It FREAKS me out.

This business of Network Marketing is not a one size fits all anymore. It’s not the same old MLM your granddad built. People DON’T stay with one company for 30 years any more. Before the internet there was only one way to do it. Before the internet your team was not bombarded with 20 new companies a day. “this is better” this has a better comp. Plan” “This is the new billion dollar company” This, this, this…

In years past you never found out about any other companies. When I was in Amway for 5 years the only new company I ever heard about was New Skin and it was easy for my upline to squash the thought of joining it because they could say anything they wanted and to me it was true. There was no internet to get my curiosity.

 belly to belly prospecting

Back to the idea on the internet and pushing a square peg in a round hole. I was a square peg and all MLM leaders where forcing me to fit into a round hole. Now with that said I did build a very big team, in the matter of one year I sponsored over 150 and built a team over 5000 in MonaVie. I did that because I forced it. I got over my fears I worked very hard I wandered around hunting for the next person to spear with my bottle of juice. But does that mean that the internet is not a good way to build? HELL NO. The internet is a great way to build Network Marketing. It’s not for everyone, but neither is belly to belly. Some people are better off online. I had a few leaders on my team that could talk to anyone. If you turned your back they would in a matter of seconds be sitting with a stranger eating there french-fries and in a matter of 5 minute be best friend. That drove me nuts. I am not like that.


To me the time it took me to learn Internet Marketing is way less time and pain then learning to force myself to meet strangers one at a time wandering around. Now I can have hundreds and even thousands of people all over the world watching my presentation or being introduced to my product at any given time. Do you know people now spend more time on facebook then watching TV. And these same people saying you can’t build Network marketing online are recruiting more people from facebook then meeting them in Wal-Mart


The numbers are still the same.

Belly to Belly

You meet 5 to 10 strangers to set one to 2 appointments.

You set 5 to 7 appointments to show 2 to 4 plans.

You show 4 to 5 plans to sponsor one to twonew reps

Everyone that said no is a NO… you don’t show them the plan later you through their name away.




You drive traffic to a website or capture page

You get 100 to 200 people to see your video / presentation

You get 10 to 20 to opt-in (they enter their contact info)

You get 20 to 40 to opt-in and you get one to four new sign ups

BUT, Every opt-in is still being dripped on by an auto responder and some will convert later or you can share your newest product with them and get them to join you later. You create a relationship with them.


Now both systems work. I have built both ways. For me it’s a no brainer. The internet. But for others it would be a waste of time.

MLM wandering around

So your choice, actually you don’t have to choose because you can do both if you like. I see many top leaders using both internet and belly to belly very well. But to say you can’t build network Marketing online is a LIE. I know I have spoken on stage to thousands of people and told them “you can’t build online” I was WRONG.. I was just putting something down I knew nothing about. Because that was what I was told for many years. Remember you are the sum total of the books you read and the people you hang around. All the old school books and the people that built MLM in the past where all telling me it can’t be done. Just like when I was in Amway 20+ years ago my upline told me “don’t run ads. They don’t work. Just wander around and pass out these cassette tapes to enough people and you will find the right person. (Now I believe that system does work. In fact it’s one of the best ways to get massive action in your group) but now 20 years later I read books about people that built very big teams 20 and 30 years ago placing newspaper ads and posting signs on street corners and all kinds of ways.


MLM is not the same anymore. The internet has changes it forever. And there is a lot of opportunity out there online to do things never before possible.


In 2011 I sponsored over 100 people in India all online and I still to this day get 50 to 80 people a day visit that website and I sponsor one to four a month from that website I built over a year ago.


I’m not putting down MLM / Network Marketing. I’m not putting down belly to belly marketing. It’s a great way to build your business, but in the end it’s still the one that shows the most wins period..

You can build a business one at a time or you can do it 10,000 at a time.

In closing;

The internet is NOT going away. You had better find a way to be apart of it because the next generation wants to build online if you force people into the old way of doing things you are going to be the one in the end that looses out because they will find some else that will teach them internet Marketing if you don’t you cannot keep it away from them anymore it is everywhere….


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