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Zeek Rewards review that should answer your questions.

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Zeek Rewards is owned by Rex Venture Group LLC. Zeekler is the online auction site that makes the whole process work. ZeekRewards was founded in 1997 by Paul Burks. Paul is very successful and well-respected in the Direct Selling industry.

Paul Burks Company, FreeStoreClub is a very successful company in over 175 countries with over 3 million members and customers. FreeStoreClub is still going strong to this day and is the retail stores that you can shop at through Zeekler and is available for subscription through http://STLenterprises.zeekler.com . ZeekRewards is having amazing growth since January 2011, and is a solid, stable, debt-free and healthy company. ZeekRewards is a penny auction, retail profit pool. Every day the company totals all its revenue and shares 50% with the qualified Affiliates.

ZeekRewards has its headquarters located in Lexington, NC, USA. ZeekRewards estimated revenue for 2011 $15+ million, est. revenue for 2012 $30 million. Can you see why ZeekRewards is growing fast with entrepreneurs of all kind. Remember it shares 50% to its affiliates. WOW this is going to get GOOD.

This is what the Network Marketing watch Dog Troy Dooly has to say about Zeek Rewards

To join Zeek Rewards go to http://STLenterprises.zeekrewards.com

Zeek Rewards review; Products

ZeekRewards is the affiliate driven advertising division of Zeekler. As a ZeekRewards affiliate you can qualify to earn rewards on every Retail bid you sell and every VIP bid you buy and give away as samples.


Zeek Rewards review; Zeekler

Zeekler is a “penny auction“site. Penny Auctions aren’t exactly new there are about 1500 out there but Zeekler is the only one that shares in the revenue with its affiliates. Penny Auctions are a fun way to bid on all kinds of products at 90% or more off retail. Every bid cost the bidder one dollar, but only raises the dib by 1 penny so a product that sells for $30 actually created $3000 in revenue. The bid timer adds up to 20 seconds to the clock allowing others time to bid, remember the “going once…going twice…sold!!” If no one else bids after you, you’ve won that item at a great price. At the end of every night, the company takes part of the day’s overall business production from its auction sales, product sales, affiliate renewals, bid sales and other income production from their member companies and divides them among the qualified affiliates. That’s a LOT off profits and the more creates the more people join in and the more profits it will create. 

ZeekRewards review; Zeekler


Zeek Rewards review; Shopping DaisyShopping Daisy

Shopping Daisy is a free app that will finding the lowest price for any item you would like to lookup. ShoppingDaisy works between your search and price comparison services. Shopping Daisy can search and find the best prices on hundreds of millions of products including travel, lodging, tickets, deep discounts, daily deals and more to bring you savings every time.




Zeek Rewards review; Compensation Plan

2 x 5 Forced-Fill Matrix.

Zeek Rewards has created a Retail Profit Pool (RPP) and shares up to 50% of the daily net profits with all the Qualified Affiliates. “Qualified” means you are current in either a Silver, Gold or Diamond monthly subscription and that you have purchased at least 10 VIP bids and up to as many as 10,000 VIP bids. ZeekRewards also as a qualification to receive Cash Rewards requires its affiliates to place a qualifying advertisement during the preceding 24 hours. If you don’t have customers to give your bids to, you can’t get the points for those bids added to your VIP balance so that you can earn awards on those points.

Zeek Rewards review; Compensation Plan


The payout from the retail profit pool is normally 0.5% to 2%, averaging about 1.5% over 90 days.


ZeekRewards offers you 6 ways to earn:

  • ZAP Commissions: Earn 20% on all personally referred customers retail bid pack purchases on Zeekler.com
  •  The Retail Store: Earn the difference between your wholesale discounted price and the retail price listed in your retail store. No inventory needed, simply promote and share bthe link to your Zeekler site and earn monthly margin checks on any purchases made by your customers.
  •   The Retail Profit Pool: As a Premium, Qualified Affiliate who places and submits one free advertisement every day, you can earn daily awards through the ZeekRewards profit-share program. Plus earn up to 10% on every VIP bid sold on your personally sponsored affiliates and up to 5% on your 2nd generation affiliates purchases.
  •  The Retail Subscription Profits: Earn a 20% monthly retail profit from all personal retail sales on personally sponsored affiliate subscriptions. The 20% is based on the monthly subscription price regardless of rank qualification or placement in the matrix structure. This 20% takes precedence over other matrix commissions as follows and NOT in addition to it.
  •  The Shopping Daisy(coming soon): Earn affiliate commissions through the shopping programs on the Internet by giving away the price-saving application for free.
  •  The Matrix: Earn up to $3.50/month on every paid subscriber in your personal 2×5 Forced-fill matrix and qualify to earn matching bonuses to unlimited depth.
ZeekRewards Alexa Ratings, 3 months growth 161%. Worldwide rank 429, the best visited Direct Selling website in the world.
Zeek Rewards review



Zeek Rewards review; Corporate leadership


Paul Burks – President and CEO, Dawn Wright-Olivares – Chief Operations Officer, Alex de Brantes – Internet Marketing Manager, Dan Olivares– Master Programmer, Darryl Douglas –Sales Director, Roger Plyler – Member Services Director, and Chris Worley – e-Commerce programmer


ZeekRewards review; Income Disclosure

ZeekRewards review; Income Disclosure


The income statistics above are for all active U.S. ZeekRewards affiliates who were eligible to earn in 2011. An “active affiliate” is defined as an affiliate who has at least 2 personal sponsorships of Preferred Affiliate Customer or Retail Customers. The average annual income for all Affiliates worldwide in 2011 was $1076.24 . And the median annual income for all Affiliates worldwide in 2011 was $0. In 2011 64 % of all distributors worldwide received no income at all. In 2011 65.73% of U.S. Affiliates received no income at all. Affiliates who have not yet achieved rank have not yet qualified for matrix commissions but still qualify to receive daily cash awards and direct sales commissions through other portions of the ZeekRewards compensation plan.
*ZeekRewards did not begin operating until the end of January 2011. The earnings of the affiliates in this chart are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a ZeekRewards Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the ZeekRewards Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.
Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. Success with ZeekRewards results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, leadership. Your success will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities.


So for my Zeek Rewards review I would suggest that you take a serious look at Zeekrewards and see if it fits into your business plans.


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