You Will Not Survive the Middle Class

It’s true, You Will Not Survive the Middle Class

You Will Not Survive the Middle ClassLook, the political debates and campaigns have talked a lot about one thing—the Middle Class. America has been sold the Middle Class freedom model for generations. The freedom to make choices, the freedom to do what you want with your life, live where you want, be who you want—but the reality is the Middle Class is a trap. It’s a prison that has been sold as a sanctuary for generations by the government and perpetuated by the media—that is controlled by the government.
“The Middle Class is safe. The Middle Class is freedom. The Middle Class is the goal.”
All lies sold to you to keep you a slave. You must free yourself. You must take risk. You must be committed to greatness.
Are you willing to take your own risks? Many years ago I stood in the middle class stoneunemployment line. I was fresh out of college and I owed the government over 40K and couldn’t get a job. As I looked around at the other people in that place I told myself I had to get out of there. It was a risk I had to take.
Why? Why would I take that risk when I’m already in debt and unemployed?
If someone is a taker rather than a maker, dependent on the government for their unemployment checks, it creates a victim mentality. I decided I didn’t want someone to give me a fish, but that I needed to be taught how to fish. Those who take the fish are being sold on the idea that they are broken, that they can’t produce, and that they are unable to get the fish on their own. Sell or be sold. Are you sold on your ability to pull yourself up no matter your circumstances?
The risk I took was that if it would be up to anyone, it would be up to me. In 2012, approximately 52.2 million people used government assistance. How high do you think that number is in 2016? Whatever that number is, it’s large. I’m not here to make a political stance on welfare, Obamacare, social security, food stamps, or any other federally funded programs out there. I am here to claim that the principle of government assistance makes people weaker and ultimately slaves.

The pursuit of happiness requires you to PURSUE.
The pursuit of happiness requires you to PURSUE. Nothing is free, except maybe oxygen. What does freedom mean? The dictionary defines it as follows:
Freedom: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action; liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another; independence; the quality or state of being exempt or released from something onerous.
Can someone really be free while taking government assistance? We live in an eat-what-you-kill economy. If you can’t kill it, you won’t eat. Even if you take from the government, it won’t be enough. Your dad or mom will come to you one day and say they need your help. People must depend on themselves as long as they have breath in their body. Don’t listen to anyone who says they can take care of you, they are just trying to make you weaker.
Most advice you will receive says you need to save more money. Let’s say you try and cut out a dinner or two, Direct TV, and maybe your morning coffee. What are you going to save, $300 a month? That’s $3,000 a year, and after 10 years you will have a whopping $30,000. With inflation, you are going backwards.
If you are spending $5K a month, your goal should be to save $5K a month. That means you need to make at least $10K a month.
Everyone needs the skill of selling to get along in life and the profession itself offers so much freedom and so many financial benefits. Sell or be sold! You must learn the art of selling to have true freedom in your life.
I created Cardone University to help people who desire to create freedom for themselves and their families. It’s a small investment for something that is truly priceless. How much would you pay for independence, for being released from the onerous Middle Class, and have no more constraints on your choices?
Don’t worry about cutting your Direct TV or that cup of coffee. Don’t even think about becoming the slave of the federal government. Take a risk to get the skills you need to live the life you dream. That’s what freedom is all about.
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