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Hello everybody my name is Vincent st.Louis I hope you’re having a blessed and prosperous day. I wanted to take a couple minutes here and share with you this phenomenal opportunity we have. You are being blessed with hearing about this amazing opportunity at the very beginning. I’ve been in the home based business industry for over 30 years and I’ve never seen an opportunity like this, at a timing like this, with the leadership like this. We are helping to launch a new business with the founder that has taken two businesses to over a billion dollars. I want to say that again, he’s taken to businesses in the home-based business industry to over a billion dollars and in fact one of those businesses reached a billion dollars in less than three and a half years and paid out over a billion dollars in commissions in less than five years.
Can you imagine being in the beginning of the third and final business of a man that has created two businesses to a billion dollars and this his third and final endeavor.
So if you’ve ever wished to be at the right place at the right time now is that time for you and your family.
This gentleman Dallin Larson has taken two businesses to a billion dollars. He helped launch a company called USANA back several years ago worked with that company for nine years became the president of that company and helped take that company to a billion dollars. Then Dallin resigned from that and started his own home-based business a company called MonaVie. He then took MonaVie to over a billion dollars in sales in less than three and a half years and paid out over a billion dollars in commissions in less than five years. That’s a phenomenal feat for anybody to do just one company but when you’ve done two companies and now you’re launching your third and final opportunity you need to really take this seriously as far as finding out how you can be a part of that. Don’t look back a year from now and wish you would have taken a couple minutes to explore this opportunity. Dallin’s not just going to launch any company with any product there’s hundreds and hundreds and thousands of nutritional companies out there so we needed to find something that was disruptive. Something that nobody else has done before. That nobody else is and nobody else has the potential to do for many many years. You’ve got to realize this is his final business you got to figure a guy that’s taking two companies to a billion dollars learned a lot had a lot of failures and made a lot of wrong choices and had a lot of successes but he’s going to put all that knowledge, wisdom, expertise and experience all in on his final and last business that he calls his legacy business. And so you got to figure he’s going to go all in and do everything he can to succeed.
The product base that he has launched with is absolutely phenomenal. Let me just touch on that product base really quick. Everybody knows that when you take a supplement I don’t care if it’s vitamin C or any other nutritional supplement most of what you take gets urinated out, meaning it does not get absorbed. I’ve heard as much as 80 to 90 percent gets flushed out and you only actually retain fifty to five percent of what you’re taking. What about a company that can have up to a ninety eight percent absorption rate into the cellular level. Would that be disruptive? Would that be unique in the industry? Okay that’s what we have. What we did is called liposome technology. Without getting into great detail, but what it does is it encapsulates the nutrition into a bubble. The bubble is the liposome filled with nutrition and the body recognizes the liposome as something that it likes and is something that it needs and so it absorbs that liposome and then in turn whatever is encapsulated in that bubble it is absorbed into the cellular level so all of our products including the liposome they’re 100% non-gmo they’re 100 percent vegan they’re 100 percent no allergen meaning no way, no soy, no milk, no gluten, no peanut nothing like that. It’s all vegan and all-natural and all of our products are built on this delivery system of nine up to 98 percent absorption rate. Can you imagine the testimonies of people that have been taking vitamin C or nutritional suppliments, whether it’s herbs or whatever and having almost no absorption rate but now you put it into a liposome technology with a 98% absorption rate. Can you imagine the testimonies the excitement the momentum that’s going to create and you’re hearing about it at the beginning. So let me go over our product base really quick. We’re launched with five products.

First is a sleep product. It helps your body get ready to sleep and helps it to go to sleep and helps you to stay asleep.Then while you’re asleep it helps the brain to detoxifies.

The next product to go along with that is the Neuro. Which is a brain product. It’s food for the brain. And helps the brain to rejuvenate rebuild and to help you to think better, to process,better and gives you clarity of mind.
We’ve done an energy that’s not the caffeine there’s not all the sugars and stuff like that so it helps you to have a long sustainable energy.

Next we’ve got a product it’s called Renew. Renew is an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging product to help the inflammation in the body, anti-aging and antioxidants product.

Next is Core essentials. Basically a multivitamin multi-mineral.

So we’ve got the Sleep, the energy, we’ve got the brain, the neuro, the renew and the Core essentials which is a multivitamin. All through the delivery system of the liposome technology.

Now let’s talk about the compensation plan. Remember the last company that Dallin had launched paid out over a billion dollars in commissions in five years. You guys that is phenomenal. Well he’s taken this new compensation plan with his new business and has tweaked it a little bit because now he’s on a mission. His mission he wants to help people make a $500 a month income as fast as possible. He wants to help the hard-working family, the hard-working mom and dad out there the single mom out there, the person that wants to have good nutrition but maybe can’t afford a good quality product. And help them to make just five hundred dollars a month which in turn is going to help if you’re listening to this and you’re a real go-getter you have the ability or potential to go out there and build a very large business. You will be able to do that by helping other people so the first goal is help people make $500 a month, then $1,000 a month and then $1,000 a week and then the sky’s the limit for you. This a very lucrative compensation plan with eight ways of making money.

Next we’re going to talk about the timing. This is still in the pre-launch stages. You guys timing is everything. 90% of the people that make it in this industry make it at the very beginning. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t make it after launch because I was in MonaVie and it was already two years old and I made an extremely good income. My mentor he didn’t get involved with MonaVie till it was four years old and he still made over a million dollars a year in that company. So it’s not that you can’t make money five years or ten years down the road it’s just that being at the very beginning gives you a better opportunity or a great breakthrough opportunity for you If you’ve never been at the right place at the right time. So timing is everything and right now we’re at the very very very foundation stages of building this new company.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is the community because the community is the glue that holds your business together. You can’t be it for everybody nor do you have the time and energy to. We have a system a training system that’s designed to help support and educate. A community that you need and your business needs and your team that you develop needs to hold their business together and give them a fertile ground to grow and to learn and gain experience and to build their business. A community with leadership that is there to help and support you. And it’s all for free. We know that if we help you succeed then everybody succeed. We’ve got conference calls every night of the week, we’ve got sizzle calls, we got training calls, we got,educational platforms, we got a website, we’ve got two Facebook groups, we’ve got everything you need in today’s world to build a global business.

Now I want to talk to you a little bit about why. I got involved in this industry many many years ago. I was a general contractor buildin houses. I’ve built thousands and thousands of houses and I Drive by those houses years after I’ve the house has been repainted a couple of times the trees are all grown and the house has probably been sold three or four times and I made some money on that house when I built it but that money was spent and is long gone. I never get paid a dime off the work that I did on that house that I built even though it’s been sold multiple times. sometimes I build a housing development one time with 750 homes and I built every single one of those homes and you know what I’ve never made a penny off of those homes after that first year. I wanted residual income I want an income that came in 24 hours a day. Well Vincent how do you get 24 hours a day income? I’m gonna tell you right now let’s say you build a business you share this opportunity with somebody that knows somebody in Australia they’re in a totally different time zone you go to bed at night they’re waking up in the morning to go out there and build their business but because you referred them or somebody that referred somebody that referred somebody then that person gets up to build their business that’s also building your business that means the Sun never sets on your business.Your business can expand over the globe. What do you do now that’s gonna ever give you that ability? I don’t care if it’s five hundred dollars a month or five hundred thousand dollars a month what have you ever done or what do you have the chance of doing that’s going to give you that kind of income?
That’s income that you can take to the bank. That you can retire on. You can grab the motor home and travel around with your your grandchildren. You can do whatever you want. You can give it to the orphanages. You can support your church, your charity or whatever you want. You’re going to help the parents out when they need help. Help your kids out when they need help.
This is real the opportunity is real and the timing is absolutely phenomenal. Do not miss out on this timing. Get back to the person that shared this with you and educate yourself so you can make a decision that this is for you or not.
Like I said in the beginning do not look back a year from now and wish you would have taken a couple minutes to check it out further.
My name is Vincent st. Louis
Hope you have a blessed and prosperous day


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