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I’m sure you have heard the term “viral marketing.” Not really quiet sure what it is or what it means?

One thing is for certain “viral marketing” has nothing to do with computer viruses. It is a term to describe marketing your business with information products that can get passed around the Internet, such as videos, eBooks, podcasts, special reports, forwarded emails, and more. Below I will touch on some viral marketing tips to help you better get your business out there on the web. A great website you can read the rest of the story at

Viral Campaign

Even the very best viral marketing campaign, whether it be a video or an article, will not do well without the right seeding. This means putting your viral campaigncreation into the right places so it gets picked up and distributed around. I’ve seen many of really high quality viral campaign fail horribly. This is because they did not get traction and therefore did not get seen by enough people to gather momentum to continue spreading.

A viral campaign needs to have the right characteristics in order to spread effectively at all. Not only do you need to give your campaign massive exposure at the start you also need to make sure that the campaign has the appeal of the web users.

The biggest question you need to ask yourself before you create your viral campaign is ‘why would people want to spread this?’ It needs to have the qualities necessary for success. It needs to have some appeal so people will want to share it on social media sites. You need to find a topic that is going to get a reaction from people and get them talking. Most Virel campaigns fail and others that were not intended to be a viral campaign become one.

Done right your viral marketing campaign will take on a life of its own. The goal is the butterfly effect, meaning that everyone who reads the campaign becomes a spokesman for your information. If enough people become spokesmen then the campaign can really snowball.

The most common ways for you to get a viral campaign started is to use online communities as leverage. They can provide a launching point for the idea you’ve brainstormed. With the right exposure and if the content hits the right nerve with people the initial group can unknowingly cause it to be seen by tens to hundreds of thousands of viewers, quite rapidly.

Ideas to help fuel a viral campaign:

  • Digg/Reddit/StumbleUpon/Delicious: If your viral campaign becomes popular on one of these sites it will get seen by thousands of people. viral marketingThis could be enough to get your viral campaign started. These networks are the connectors of the web.
  • Twitter: Having the right person of authority tweet your campaign will have a snowball effect. The twit will travel throughout Twitter and into other social media sites.
  • Blogs: If you have relationships with people with a large following, people with authority and they will mention your story on their blog, this will give your campaign large chance for success. Partnering with them and reaching into their community is a great resource.
  • Social media power: Social media is the power on the net. Leverage it to help seed viral campaigns. There are many options to seed viral campaign, including Facebook, twitter and YouTube etc

Depending on the budget and the time available, you should be willing to use as many sources as possible at the same time. All-out massive action in every direction you can think of, including emailing and advertising. If you can create a mix of tactics to help seed the campaign, you give it the highest chance of spreading.

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