The Empower Network Opportunity

Had an amazing time at the Empower Network event this weekend 3000+ people.

The Empower Network Opportunity



We joined Empower only to learn Internet Marketing. We where not looking for an income opportunity. We where looking for a system that was good, useful, NO bull sh*t and would teach anyone Internet Marketing. We studied all the products for 2 months found it was the best complete online marketing system I have ever seen. If someone buys all the products and becomes a student and learns from what they just bought anyone can and will make money online and create a constant flow of new targeted leads.

Empower network Fight The Forces Of Evil event had over 3000 people in attendance.



Using the information we have learned in the Empower network we now make over $2000 a month in Empower Network. We have only signed up 42 people 98% of the 42 are people I have never met or talked to. They visited my capture page watched a video and signed themselves up.

With the Empower Network system with almost NO extra time now have created 2 other incomes all online and have learned how to promote our primary business and sponsor 1 to 2 people a week all online.

Half the room at the Empower network Fight The Forces Of Evil event made their first online income with Empower Network

If you are looking to

  • Learn internet marketing
  • Learn how to self brand or promote your primary business online
  • Want to create new targeted leads daily 4)
  • Make money online


Chief Inspiration Officer
Vincent St.Louis
Fighting the forces of Mediocrity



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