This business is natural … We all talk about things we have tried and that we like. This natural process is the foundation of this business. You got excited about the product and/or opportunity, and are going to want to share it with others. In the beginning you may be able to take advantage of a local leader or someone in your support team to help explain your products and your business. If this is the case, you will still want to do this on your own so that you can control the speed that your business will grow.

There are three ways to share this idea with your friends and family

1. One on One’s

Over 80% of the people get in the business through a “one on one.” It’s very simple. You contact your prospect, go to their home or meet them somewhere like a coffee shop share the product and opportunity with them then book a follow up appointment.

2. Home business Review {HBR} / Home party

HBR’s are a great way get your business started quickly.

You can either hold one yourself or ask for support from your upline. While HBR’s are a great way to introduce your product and opportunity as a first contact, but it’s better as a second look. HBR’s are a great for a second look and as a way to introduce your prospects to your upline and supporting team.

3. Open Meeting

These are similar to a HBR’s, but are held at a hotel or clubhouse. Many will have training at the conclusion. This also can be a first look, but mostly used as a second or third look. Also a great way to get the new person around other people in the business.

Simple guidelines are;

· Dress nice
· Be excited and brief
· Have product and support materials
· Have Fun! SET Follow up appointment


One on One (less then 30 minutes)

· Set them at ease ( 5 minutes or so of small talk )

· Share the product

· Tell them your story

· Show them the opportunity using your upline or company tools

· Answer any questions

· Leave them support materials and/or product

· Book a time to get back together ( Preferably, less than 48 hours ) This is the most important step and also the most left out. Don’t ever leave a one on one without booking the next appointment.

Home business Review {HBR}

· Meet, Greet ( about 10 minutes )

· Host introduces speaker

· Speaker goes through presentation

· Recognize leaders and / or new rank advancements ( during presentation )

· Wrap with sense of urgency

· Book a time to get together with guests ( Preferably, less than 48 hours )

· Take your guest around to meet the leaders in the room. When you introduce them this is your time to BE QUIET and listen. When you have a team make sure you don’t spend your time talking to the same people go meet the new people. A great hint: if you are spending too much time with a new person you can introduce them to someone and that’s your time to walk away. It’s called the hand off.

Some other simple guidelines are;

· Dress nice

· Be excited ( Enthusiasm is key )

· Have product and support materials ( Be the messenger not the message)

· Have Fun! ( People want to be a part of something exciting )

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