Mommy’s Club

Mommy's ClubMommy’s Club is a membership club

where members can earn points and cash on the product they purchase and any products purchased by anyone they refer. Also they have the opportunity to become a Mommys Club Pro Rep and build a team and earn a part time or full time income. This approach combines the best features of a buying club with the earning power of interactive distribution and relationship Marketing.


Mommy’s Club Story

What started as a local mom’s club play date in a living room with six moms and seven kids, turned into a mission to make the safest toxic-free, natural and organic products affordable for families.

The dad overheard talk of rashes, runny noses, germs and diapers as the six moms shared remedies, parenting advice and product recommendations. He heard how expensive organic products and toxic-free products were. After researching the everyday products that his family was using they were horrified to discover the amount of toxic ingredients and chemicals their family was exposed to daily.

They approached friends, partners and other families with their ideas. They set out on a mission; find an uncompromising way to offer products with organic, toxic free, all natural ingredients and make them affordable for families. Mommy’s Club is starting with a line of Toxic Free all natural baby products so adding many other natural, toxic free and organic products for the whole family.

Moms can be compensated in points and cash for simply telling their friends and family about the Mommys Club products. Moms could earn enough to get their products for free or earn extra money for a car payment or a special vacation; but most of all, earn the freedom to spend more time with their family.

Join Mommy's Club

Toxic Free baby productsWhy the name Mommy’s Club

Moms spend about 85% of the retail dollars. Moms do most of the shopping and moms take care of the family so it makes sense to start with moms marketing. Mothers spend hours each day interacting with their friends – on the phone, on Facebook and in person – and they are constantly recommending products. Word of mouth became an obvious form of advertising for Mommy’s Club. The same way a friend recommends a great movie or a colleague suggests their favorite restaurant or book. Mommy’s Club was born!



Mommy’s Club Overview

Mommy’s Club is the first buying club that allows members to buy at low membership pricing. Gain rewards for recommending and redeem points for cash or free products.

The points can be redeemed for free products and members that qualify can earn cash that can be used to make a car payment, mortgage payment or send children to a better school. Members who qualify as a Mommy’s Club Professional Representative (Pro Rep) can earn more than free products. Pro Reps can refer an unlimited number of members who also refer members and create a part time or full time income.


Mommy’s Club Pre-Launch Enrollment

Mommy’s Club is now shipping products, enrolling new members, and establishing a base of professionals that want to build a business by representing the Mommys Club products and opportunity. This exclusive pre-launch time will only lasts until January 1st 2014.

Getting in on the ground floor of Mommys Club and securing a position in the matrix has its privileges and advantages!


Simple Pre-Launch Compensation for Mommy’s Club

For those individuals who are interested in earning a full-time, or part-time replacement income, Mommy’s Club is working with some of the best brains in the business to design a compensation plan that rewards members for referring others to Mommy’s Club, developing team sales volume, and coaching their team to replicate this behavior.

Details on this custom compensation plan will be coming soon, but in this introductory, Pre-Launch period, Mommy’s Club is providing its members this simplified plan for the sales activity conducted.

Mommy’s Club has made it easy and affordable to replace many of the everyday items that you use with safer products. For the members that purchase one of the pre packs during the Pre-Launch period, they are waiving the Mommy’s Club membership fee.

My professional opinion of Mommy’s Club

I have been in the home based business industry for almost 20 years. I was a contractor for 25 years and have been full time in Network Marketing for last 7 years. I’m a father of 4 boys and 3 grand babies. Mommy’s Club has me very excited about the ability to help my family both health wise and financially. My wife and I are very passionate about our grand babies and helping families create freedom. As Mommy’s Club expands to other products for the whole family the opportunity will expand as well. It will be like a Costco, Sams Club and Amazon for toxic free, organic and all natural products a market that is growing fast.

If you are looking for a great opportunity with the right leadership you have found the right place. I have created hundreds of thousands of dollars in income from home and helped thousands of families create part-time and full-time incomes. Timing is everything in the homebased business industry. You are lucky to be learning about Mommy’s Club now. Don’t miss this opportunity.


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