Mark Yarnell died

The Legend Mark Yarnell died today. Mark Yarnell (1950-2015)

Mark Yarnell died
The Legend Mark changed my netwrk Marketing career in so many ways.

One of my all time favorite books is “Your first Year In Network Marketing”  and will always be on the top of many professional Network Marketers list.

 Mark Yarnell: A Legend who Will Forever Be Missed…

It is with great sorrow that I share the very sad news that the great legend has passed.  Mark is a True Legend in the Profession of Network Marketing.


Mark was an amazing man who left an indelible footprint on the MLM profession. He has unquestionably left his mark on my life and my Network Marketing career.

He authored several incredible books, including one of the greatest books ever written in our space, “Your First Year in Network Marketing”.Your First Year in Network Marketing

I’m glad to have called Mark a mentor of mine.

Todd Falcone “To me…Mark was a LEGEND before I ever even met him. I vividly remember the day I met him, spending 5 full hours in a restaurant talking about this great profession. He was always a thoughtful friend, often sending me crazy “flies” that he tied out of peacock feathers that I could try out on my local lakes and rivers. He sent me one he called, “the Guaranteed” because it was guaranteed to catch you fish. That still makes me smile to this day.

Mark and I loved talking about our fishing adventures. He loved the outdoors and was a big time thrill-seeker, who talked me into hang-gliding on a very windy day not too many years back in Utah. He loved seeing other people fly, both figuratively, and literally.”

Mark was one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever listened to in my entire life.

Mark Yarnell had a heart of gold and a lifelong passion for helping people create freedom and independence through network marketing.

Your Legacy, your Contribution to our Profession will never, ever be forgotten.

Remember Yarnell’s Law.
Do One Thing at a Time. Do it Right. Finish it.


RIP Mark Yarnell





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