You Need To Have Desire

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Pursue Your Dreams and Goals

You need to focus on where you want to go and what you want to do.
Keep in front of you what you want to accomplish.



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The mind is a terrible thing to waste-so don’t.  Your mind is like a computer garbage in garbage out, why don’t more people do affirmations? I think personal affirmations read to yourself over and over every day is one of the biggest underestimated success principles. I have read affirmations to myself for many years. I change my affirmations all the time depending on what season of life I’m in.

A few things about affirmations that need to be observed

  • The affirmation needs to be in the present tense such as: I have this or that, I am, my life is this or that way
  • The affirmation  needs to be specific. If you’re not specific you may end up at the wrong place such as I drive a yellow 2005 Lotus Esprit.  In the summer of 2011 I’m spending 10 days in Cabo at the ?? resort.
  • They need to be read every day three times a day. First thing when you get up, at lunch time and just before you go to bed. Remember it takes 28 days to become a habit.

Record your affirmations so you can listen to them as you fall asleep. You have to start believing in yourself. Afterall, you listen to yourself all the time in the negative.  You have to train yourself to speak and listen to yourself in the positive.

Here are just a few I use

I am special, God made me special, I am one in a million, I have talents and gift that no other have, I am a miracle

I am a go getter, Every day I do what it takes to be a millionaire

I make a million dollars a year

I love my wife Kari, she is a gift to me and I tell her every day how much I love her

I talk to people every day and people like what I have to say. I listen to them with sincere interest in them. It’s very easy for me to meet new people. I like meeting new people.

I’m in the best business opportunity ever and now is the best time in history to build a network marketing business.  Everyone I talk to want to know what I’m doing. They all want to know about my business and how to get involved. I even have people calling me to tell them about my opportunity. Everywhere I turn people are looking for opportunity to make money and I have the best opportunity for them.

I take full advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.

I am a winner.

I love my life and I’m thankful to be alive.

Share with us some of your affirmations that you are using or have used in the past.

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