How to Retire Early

How to retire. You will work 98000 hours before you can retire.

How To Retire

Did you know we are in the middle of an Entrepreneurial revolution?

Today and the next 5 to 10 years will be the largest number of people becoming Entrepreneurs then ever before. With the crash of the economy people will move from working a JOB to owning their own business. People what to know how to retire.

Remember the industrial revolution? When people moved from the farms to the factories. The same thing is happening now with the Entrepreneurial revolution. The long ago fairytale of working 20 to 30 years for one company and retiring and living happily ever after is a thing of the past. The need for an additional income sources to retire has never been bigger.

To talk a little about why this will happen and how to retire let’s look at a few things.

With the crash of the economy you have fewer and fewer companies matching deposits into a retirement account, more and more companies are making the employee pay more of their medical benefits, the day of a company paid retirement plan are all but gone. Even if your company does still have a pension plan most people will never see it. Why you ask? Because the average person will change jobs every 5 to 7 years and never end up with a plan on how to retire.

How To Retire

Do Fear never retiring?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that people born between 1957 and 1964 held an average of 11 jobs from ages 18 to 44. On average, men held 11.4 jobs and women held 10.7 jobs. 25% percent held 15 jobs or more, while 12% held four jobs or less.

If you keep changing carriers it makes it harder to acquire a retirement. I know everyone believes that this is the job they will finely be able to develop a retirement plan only to find you are outscores or replaced by a merger or buyout or just flat out someone did not like you for whatever reason. You see almost know one works for 20 to 30 years at one company anymore.

So will all that said it’s just common knowledge that people will need to look for ways to add an income.

So How To Retire?

More and more people are looking at home based businesses as a way to build a good retirement plan. People that normally would not have looked at a Network Marketing or MLM business are now joining and cashing in on all the years of networking and developed skills. This is how many will retire.

The home-based business industry is growing massively.

work from home to retire

Stay at home moms are looking for ways to stay home. They are moving to the Internet to make money. And a lot of money. People that once had a good brick and mortar business, but closed the doors in the last few years are now looking for ways to keep from getting a JOB.

Home-based business is the next DOT COM boom.

Paul Zain Pilsner says in the next 5 years there will be over 500 millionaires coming from the homebased business industry.

What is homebased business? Network Marketing, MLM, affiliate marketing. Names like Avon, Mary Kay Amway, MonaVie and many more.

Home based business is a great way for you to find your way on How To Retire.

How To Retire

How To Retire

If you are looking for a retirement plan and need help. I can show you the way.

I was a general contractor for 20+ years and I had no idea how I was going to retire. But after a year and a half in my home based business I more than matched my construction income and was able to hang up my contractors licence and all the stress that went with it. Now I help other people learn how to retire.

Vincent St.Louis

Chief Inspiration Officer

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