freedom is not just an American theme


IMG_5060With the 4th of July coming tomorrow, I’m reminded that freedom is not just an American theme, it is something that every man and woman should have, but is not guaranteed. Freedom isn’t free. It requires commitment, sacrifice, discipline and a plan. Here are 3 truths about freedom:

You and only you are responsible for your freedom.
Freedom is something you have to create everyday.
You will have to sacrifice comfort for freedom.
To get your freedom, I want to give you 3 tips today:

1. Look at your goals each day. Write down your goals every single morning. How much money are you making currently and how much do you want to be making? That will motivate you to take the right amount of action.

2. Be ethical. Involvement in anything unethical enslaves you and destroys your hopes of freedom.

3.Invest in yourself. Super successful people make investments to learn new skills, gain knowledge, and make themselves more valuable to the marketplace.

Grant Cordon


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happy 4th of July 2017

Vincent StLouis







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