The Four Income Generating Activities of Network Marketing

THE FOUR INCOME GENERATINGThe Four Income Generating Activities of Network Marketing





Vasayo is a people business. Your business will eventually be in your town, across the county, and internationally. It will be made up of people you know now, people that will join you in the next few weeks and months, and people you haven’t even met.


New Names List


If you are new to the business, creating a New Names List should consist of a list of 10 to 20 people you know. The goal in the beginning is to go Star, then help others do the same. You will find in the first few months most of your growth will come from the lists created by people you sponsor, and the lists of people they sponsor. This is a proven method and part of starting quickly with success.


Ongoing Names List

When you started your Vasayo business, you were hopefully instructed to build two groups, one on the right and one on the left side of your binary tree. In the beginning you will really on your list of contacts to start your business and develop momentum. As your business skills and comfort level grow, you will find making contacts and exposing the business can be seamless. For now, let’s assume you need to develop a more extensive list of names. Here is the process of approaching this activity.


  1. Affinity Groups


To start, you will need to categorize your list into columns, each column with the heading of a separate group. e.g. Family, Friends, Work, School, Church, Activities/Hobbies, etc. The idea is to build lists with people who know each other, or have an “affinity” and can work as teams.


  1. Write down everyone you know.


If you know them, they are part of your warm market. They should be people who live near your home or within a tank of gas.


Although we don’t know who will be joining your business, you should really just concentrate on writing down everyone you know. It is very common to find the people who might be considered “a sure thing” actually never join, and some of the contacts assumed to qualify as “not interested” are the ones who do join.


BONUS TIP: Do not pre-judge. A good starting point is contacts on a cell phone or from an email address book.


  1. Identify your best prospects


There are all types of people who have built a successful Vasayo business. For this activity, focus on those who will typically qualify as fast starters. They usually come in three separate categories: People who are Successful (S), People with Influence (I), and people who are Outgoing (O).


Although you do not want to pre-judge, this is strictly for purposes of time investment. Some will go slow, and some will go fast. Successful minded people typically grow fast. Upon completion of this list, put an “S,” “I” or “O” next to the names of people on the list based on the group they qualify under.


  1. Use your list as leverage


Once you begin to contact people, use the people in their affinity as leverage. Sure, many people get involved in the MonaVie business for better health, or more income per month. Another purpose we find people get involved is to be a part of something. They don’t like to be left out or left behind.


Example: You have a sibling who is very influential. When you get in, they should be part of your first small list. After you show them the business, show them a list of additional family members you already planned on contacting. Explain to him/her your goal was to start his/her business with other members of the family. This will increase your chances of starting fast, while using the power of the affinity to influence others.


  1. Add to your list as you go


Once you develop a habit of talking to people, you will find you will build your list naturally. Some builders never actually add the names to their list because they get good at making the contact and talking about the opportunity in the same sequence. We will call this your cold market. Contacts developed from people you have never met through engaging in conversation and other techniques. As your business grows, you will learn effective techniques through your leadership.



 The first list is developed by taking out your cell phone and writing down EVERYONE on in your cell phone contacts. Let your sponsor or active upline help you contact from this first list.




Congratulations! You have created a list of names and now it’s time to work that list. You now understand the meaning of warm market, cold market contacts and affinity groups. Now it’s time to contact them.

This business is natural. The business maximizes the most common form of marketing, “word of mouth.” What is “word of mouth?” We all have at times found ourselves talking about things we like with our friends and family. “Word of mouth” marketing is a natural process valued by manufacturers and provided for free by consumers. “Word of mouth” marketing has been a basic success principle utilized by several of Vasayo highest achievers.

This is where you will start. You are excited about the product and/or opportunity, and are going to want to share it with others.

Wait! Don’t start by picking up the phone and telling your friends or family members about the product and the opportunity over the phone.

Phone calls should be used to set an appointment only, not to introduce the business or the products. Your best approach to your names list is to start with a mentor or leader on your support team. If that’s not possible, then remember the golden rule “Don’t say too much.” Here are some scripts that can help you.


For people you know:


If you are contacting them with the product:


“Hello _____, I have a product I think will help you with _____ I would like to come by and share it with you, are you home now? Or is later today or tomorrow better for you?”


“Hello _____, I have something you have to see, is today or tomorrow better?”


Last time we talked you mentioned _____. I found something that will help you with _____. What day is better for you?”


For people you just met:




“Hello _____, ( I never ask if it’s them, I assume it is.) We met at


_____ Yesterday we talked about _____. Did I catch you at a good time, do you have a minute? Great! ( If they say no, book a time to call them back). We talked about _____. I have a product that I think will help you. I would like to share it with you is today or tomorrow better for you?”




“Hello _____, we met at _____ the other day. Did I catch you at a good time? You struck me as a sharp guy. I’m expanding my business and would like to get to know you a little better and share a concept with you. Are you open to looking at new opportunities? Great, is today or tomorrow better?”


Remember when you meet them you are looking for a want, a need or a desire.


Contacting Using Video or the recorded sizzle call.


Using the recorded sizzle call or one of the Vasayo videos from the Vasayo App are great ways to introduce Vasayo with a prospect. But in the end a face to face is the best way to share your excitement about the Vasayo products and opportunity.

 Sizzle call –  If at all posable three way them into the call. If they can’t listen at this time treat it like a personal appointment. Make sure to get the time the person will be listening to the call. Set that time in your calendar and inform them you will be calling them at that time. Then CALL them at the set appointment time. If they did not listen yet try to 3 way them in if not ask when they will listen and reset the next appointment. You being intent on the times will show the importance to Vasayo business and they will intern take it the same way over time.

 Vasayo App Video – Make sure to set a follow up date in your calendar. Set follow up for 24 to 48 hours ALWAYS do ALL follow-ups in 24-48 hours. We all have heard the fortune is in the follow-up. Make sure you are following up with EVERY one.





In the beginning we highly recommend you get with a mentor on your support team. Find out why it is important to know what to say and, more importantly, what NOT to say. Use your support team in the beginning to help explain the products and business. Model them and the process they use. Most importantly, the sooner you get to where you are duplicating their pattern of sharing the business plan, the faster you will grow.


There are four ways to share this idea with your friends and family.


  1. One on One’s

Over 80% of the people join the business through a “one on one.” It’s very simple. You contact your prospect, go to their home, share the product and opportunity, then register them if they are interested and book a follow through.


  1. Home Meetings

Home meetings are a great way to get your business started quickly. You can either hold one yourself or ask for support from your upline. It is recommended to have your active upline do your first home meeting in first 1 to 2 weeks.


  1. Vasayo View Meeting

These are similar to a Home Meeting but are held at a hotel or clubhouse. Many will have training at the conclusion.


  1. Product Place and Replace

By placing a Vasayo product with someone you give them the opportunity to experience the amazing Vasayo products. Infor the prospect that when they like the product they can buy that bottle from you or place an order and replace your bottle. Or they can join Vasayo and place their first initial order and replace that product to you when their order gets in.





How To Get A Business Builder Started

This is a business of duplication. When you find someone who wants to build a business (big or small), start them off right and do it quickly. The faster you help them build their business the more belief they will have and the quicker they will be making money.


  1. Attempt to answer any major questions.


  1. Ask them if they are ready to get started.


  1. If yes, fill out enrollment pad or go online at that time and enroll them. Make sure they have an initial order, are aware of any company offers or incentives (pre-paid shipping) and the LCP Program (Loyalty Convenience Program)


  1. With them, make a list of 100 to 200 names.


  1. Help them prioritize the list to the 2 people who will help them become Qualified Brand Partner in first 48 hours. A Qualified Brand Partner is sponsoring one active person in the left leg and one active person in the right leg.


  1. Your goal is to book a meeting with their two contacts before you leave or instruct your new distributor on contacting techniques.


  1. Take the time to educate them on the content of their phone call and what to say. Use the contacting scripts noted in the Contacting section as a reference. They don’t want to say too much.


  1. Your goal is to help them become qualified as soon as possible.


  1. Schedule a Home Meeting and give them dates of upcoming events

BONUS TIP: It is easier to find a builder than create one.

I hope you get excited about Vasayo in Canada like we are.

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