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untitledI’m sure you’re probably happy with your current opportunity/company, but I just wanted to let you know that I have insider info on the biggest pre-launch opportunity around… something that isn’t known to the general public just yet.
Do you know who Dallin Larsen is? If not, he was the CEO/Founder of MonaVie, the fastest company ever in direct sales to reach $1 billion in sales. He is now creating a new company and we are pre-launching in December 2016. If Monavie’s success was any indication of how successful his next venture is going to be, you can bet on it that this will be even bigger. You have the opportunity to get in at the VERY beginning… even before anyone knows what the name of the company is. We all know that the best opportunities are when you are at the right place, at the right TIME, and with the right people.
When Kari and I joined MonaVie Oct. 2004 it was a little over a year old and we were distributor # 238,000 ? I think. My good friend Rob Alwin reached Black Diamond back in Monavie… even when he was distributor #440,000. My other good friend Ryan D. reached Diamond as well, being distributor #1,000,000+. This time around, they’re looking to help out even more people to achieve what they did.
When MonaVie started up, there was about 10 people in the room. This time, there will be roughly 30 in the room, and Kari and I will there. We are SO excited to be chosen as one of the founding leadership to help launch this new company. Kari and I will be at Dallin and Karee Larsen’s house on Oct 25 to meet with the company team and the other leaders to learn more about Dallin’s plan.
Join me in becoming one of the founding distributors of the next billion dollar company.
If you are interested at all in being added to the list of founding distributors even before the pre-launch, please call or text me at Vincent St.Louis 916-798-8508 and we can discuss it more. Thanks!

P.S. This screenshot is when we went Diamond. We went way on beyond this by time it was all said and done. We are looking to help you.


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