Creating a List of Names

Network Marketing is a people business. Your business will eventually be in your town, across the county, and internationally. It will be made up of people you know now, people that will join you in the next few weeks and months, and people you haven’t even met.

The Art of Working Your List Although it sounds a simple activity, your list is the single most determining factor in the size, location, momentum, and leverage of your business. It is the one and only resource you have for growth. The goal is to add and remove, add and remove, add and remove. Your list is a living entity that is never complete and constantly evolving to add security to your business.

You will develop list making skills as you grow your business and become aware of all the people you come in contact with during your day. Maintaining a list is intentional, done on purpose. Throughout your day, intentionally make yourself known and look for the best in people. It requires sustained awareness that your business is open when you are awake. Your list will be based on the intimacy of the relationship you have with those persons.

New Names List (Completed at Sign Up) If you are new to the business, creating a New Names List should consist of everyone you know, DON”T pre-judge anyone, but refine the list to the top 10 to 20 people you know. The TOP people are those with the most influence, the most successful and the most greedy. ( I know that sounds bad we will deal with that later) The goal in the beginning is to sponsor two people in the first 24 to 48 hour, then help them do the same. You will find in the first few months most of your growth will come from the lists created by people you sponsor, and the lists of people they sponsor. So it is extremely important to help your new team members create their list at the sign up or ASAP. Buy helping them create the list you ensure they will get a fast start. This is a proven method to starting quickly with success.

Ongoing Names List When you started your business, you were hopefully instructed how your comp-plain works and the best way to place new recruits. (Check with your upline if you are unsure or refer to the Compensation Plan). When built properly, new contacts will come from those added in depth, but you will need to continue to personally recruit from your personal list. {More on that in the depth building pages.} As your business skills and comfort level grow, you will find making contacts and exposing the business can be seamless. For now, let’s assume you need to develop a more extensive list of names. Here is the process of approaching this activity. Your business will be built on the concept of Relationship Marketing. The relationships you currently enjoy and will actively develop in the future are the foundation of a sustainable business. Your list will be developed according to the level of relationship you have with each person. The deeper or more familiar the relationship, the closer to the top of the list.

1. Your Contact List are people who know you well – family, close friends, work associates – those who recognize your voice when you call. It will be natural to get together because you spend time together anyway and in this instance, you just have something to show them. You could contact them immediately as you have a relationship, thus, they are at the top of your contact list.

2. Your Prospect List are people whom you know, and know you, but on a much less intimate level. You may or may not know how to reach them outside of the environment you share: church, activities, school, but you have a connection and could easily move the relationship forward. Others on your prospect list would be people you have had an experience with – realtors, contractors, doctors, etc., whom you know, but don’t really have a relationship with. And finally, those folks you run into during your day – drycleaners, pharmacists, store clerks – that you have no current relationship with that you can then work towards developing. Be sure to record these folks on your weekly pages in this calendar, noting attributes that impressed you about the person. Build Your List of Contacts and Prospects

1. Groups To start, you will need to categorize your list into columns, each column with the heading of a separate group. e.g. Family, Friends, Work, School, Church, Activities/Hobbies, etc. The idea is to build lists with people who know each other and can work as teams.

2. Write down everyone you know. If you know them, they are part of your warm market. They should be people who live near your home or within a tank of gas. Although we don’t know who will be joining your business, you should really just concentrate on writing down everyone you know. It is very common to find the people who might be considered “a sure thing” actually never join, and some of the contacts assumed to qualify as “not interested” are the ones who do join.

3. Identify your best prospects There are all types of people who have built a successful Network Marketing business. For this activity, focus on those who will typically qualify as fast starters. They usually come in three separate categories: People who are Successful (S), People with Influence (I), and people who are Outgoing (O). Although you do not want to pre-judge, this is strictly for purposes of time investment. Some will go slow, and some will go fast. Successful minded people typically grow fast. Upon completion of this list, put an “S,” “I” or “O” next to the names of people on the list based on the group they qualify under.

4. Use your list as leverage Once you begin to contact people, use the people in the list as leverage. Most people get involved in the business for more income per month. Another purpose we find people get involved is to be a part of something. They don’t like to be left out or left behind.

Example: You have a sibling who is very influential. When you get in, they should be part of your first list. After you show them the business, show them a list of additional family members you already planned on contacting. Explain to him/her your goal was to start his/her business with other members of the family. This will increase your chances of starting fast, while using the power of the relationship to influence others.

5. Add to your list as you go Once you develop a habit of talking to people, you will find you will build your list naturally. Some builders never actually add the names to their list because they get good at making the contact and talking about the opportunity in the same sequence. We will call this your cold market. Contacts developed from people you have never met through engaging in conversation and other techniques. As your business grows, you will learn effective techniques through your leadership.

The perfect list would show, in descending order, the level of relationship you have with that person and any attribute that impressed you. The contacts in your cell phone, your email address book are both great places to start. For those further down the list, your goal should be getting to know them better. You may or may not be contacting them at present but want the relationship to progress so when you want to add to the team, you are ready to offer them the opportunity.

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