Congratulations! You have created a list of names and now it’s time to work that list. You now understand the meaning of warm market, cold market contacts and affinity groups. Now it’s time to contact them.

This business is natural. The business maximizes the most common form of marketing, “word of mouth.” What is “word of mouth?” We all have at times found ourselves talking about things we like with our friends and family. “Word of mouth” marketing is a natural process valued by manufacturers and provided for free by consumers. “Word of mouth” marketing is a basic success principle utilized by highest achievers.

This is where you will start. You are excited about the product and/or opportunity, and are going to want to share it with others.

Wait! Don’t start by picking up the phone and telling your friends or family members about the product and the opportunity over the phone.

Phone calls should be used to set an appointment only, not to introduce the business or the products. Your best approach to your names list is to start with a mentor or leader on your support team. If that’s not possible, then remember the golden rule “Don’t say too much.

Moving them from a Prospect to a Contact

Ours is a business of attraction, not promotion. Often, we mistakenly believe the product , the opportunity, or the logic of either is enough to attract people to our team. In reality, what attracts people to your team is YOU. People remember pleasant and attractive qualities such as a positive attitude, good grooming, a smile and easy laugh. Your focus should be on leaving them something about you to remember. Remembering names and connections, offering compliments and saying “it’s nice to see you again!” are prerequisite daily activities.

Contacting is a PROCESS, not a single action. There will be many events leading up to the contact. You are ready to contact when you are able to genuinely, sincerely say what you admire about the person. Look for the best in people and tell them what you see.

Some examples:

I so admire your____________________.

Your_____________________has always impressed me.

What I’ve noticed about you is___________________________.

I always look forward to seeing you because_______________________.

When you can genuinely, sincerely fill in a blank (as above) about the person, they are ready to move to your Contact list and be made the offer.

“Tom, what I’ve noticed about you is your great attitude and willingness to help out. I’m so impressed by that. You know, I have something that may have great value to both of us. Do you have a few minutes in the next couple days where we could get together?”

We are looking to influence others in a very few words. All we want is to provoke enough curiosity to have them spend a little more time with us. We are looking to get to the next step which is sharing the opportunity at which point, we’ll decide if we have anything more to talk about.

Here are some scripts that can help you.

For people you know very well:

“Hello _____, I have something you have to see, is today or tomorrow better?”

If you are contacting them with the product:

“Hello _____, I have a product I think will help you with _____ I would like to come by and share it with you, are you home now? Or is later today or tomorrow better for you?”

“Last time we talked you mentioned _____. I found something that will help you with _____. What day is better for you?”

For people you just met:


“Hello _____, ( I never ask if it’s them, I assume it is.) We met at _____ yesterday we talked about _____. Did I catch you at a good time, do you have a minute? Great! ( If they say no, book a time to call them back). We talked about _____. I have a product that I think will help you. I would like to share it with you is today or tomorrow better for you?”


“Hello _____, we met at _____ the other day. Did I catch you at a good time? You struck me as a sharp guy. I’m expanding my business and would like to get to know you a little better and share a concept with you. Are you open to looking at new opportunities? Great, is today or tomorrow better?”

Remember when you meet them you are looking for a want, a need or a desire.

We get paid to sort not convince. You sort through the prospects to find the people that say YES I want to know what you are doing. Then you sort through the yeses to find the people that join, then you sort through the people that join to find the business builders, Then you sort through the builders to find the Network Marketing super stars.

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