Cheap Search Engine Optimization

Cheap search engine optimization for consistent traffic.

Cheap Search Engine OptimizationWhen we talk about cheap search engine optimization we have to talk about FREE search engine optimization.

If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is there does it make a sound?

If you have a great website, but you get no traffic is it a great website?

If you have a great product or opportunity, but no one sees it are you making money from it?

The answer is all the same. NO!!!


Search engine optimization is one of the key elements to getting more traffic to your website or offer and it’s a key element to getting more sales from your website, but cheap search engine optimization is better than paying if you have time to do it.

Cheap search engine optimization will give you sustained traffic.

There are many ways to get traffic, but without SEO on your website your traffic will be short lived. Search engine optimization is a must for sustained website traffic.

Many times when I’m working with a client and we are talking about getting more traffic to their website. I get a responses like “But I payed a lot of money for my website” or “This website cost me a fortune and the developer told me how great it will drive traffic to my storefront” or “But I blog all the time but I’m still not getting any traffic” These are very common problems that all lead to NO SEO or the wrong search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization specialist are a dime a dozen and unfortunately they are not all created equally. I’m amazed at how many people are selling themselves as SEO specialist and yet they website has a very poor Alexa ranking.

So let’s look at some cheap search engine optimization options, in fact they are all FREE.

Blogging for cheap search engine optimization

Google is changing all the time. They are working to make sure when you search for something you are getting relevant search results. With so many websites and information on the internet you need to stand out and show Google you are relevant. The best way to do this is by adding relevant content to your website. If you are selling hammers you need to blog about hammers most of the time. To gain value in the search engines you need to be blogging a minimum of 2 times a week and every day or every other day is best.


Key word research for cheap search engine optimization

Do your research, before you write a blog post. Not every post needs to be key word optimized but if you want to rank it better be. In this video I will show you how to do key word research for your blog posts.


Cheap local search engine optimization

If you have a brick and mortar business you don’t need to be fighting for ranking with the world. Narrow your efforts to a local market. If you sell pet supplies in Sacramento Cal. You need to target your area. Everything you do on your website needs to have your area “Sacramento” in the title.


Syndication is a great cheap search engine optimization tip

Syndication of your new content is a great way to kick start your search engine indexing. Sending out your link to as many social media sights as you can will drive traffic to your website and increase traffic and show value to the search engines. There are many automated social media sites that will make this a lot easier. HootSuite, onlywire, Socialadr and many more.


Pinging the search engines

Pinging is a cheap search engine optimization technique I use all the time. Pinging search engines to come and index your site will speed up the ranking process. Here are two free pinging sites I use. and Note; Ping your site every time you add new content, but never ping more than once a day.

Search engine optimization is a slow process but it’s the best way to have consistent traffic to your website. Paying for SEO has its place but for consistent traffic you need to add new and fresh content to your website and using these cheap search engine optimization tips will help you stay on top in your niche. If you are looking for help with your local seach engine rankings Take a look at what we have doen to help others. CLICK HERE

You can’t get any better for your cheap search engine optimization then FREE.


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