MLM Advertising

MLM Advertising: 9 Ways to Market Your Business

MLM Advertising

 It’s time to talk about MLM advertising. In this post are 8 ways to market your business.

For Most people in the MLM industry they are scared to talk to others about their opportunity. One thing we all agree on, is the more people you exposes your opportunity to the better chance for success. Face to face and belly to belly is just one way of exposing your opportunity to others. There are many ways to market your business. MLM Marketing is the key to your success.

8 Ways to Market Your MLM Business Easily;

Dropcard1. Drop card. This is a great way to market as you go. Check out my article on Drop Cards for more details. I have used Drop Cards my whole MLM career. Everywhere I go I place one of my cards. I sponsor several people a year using drop cards.



MLM Advertising


2.  Add a short saying to your back window. You don’t have to get a car wrap but why not put something on your back window that could possibly get more eyeballs as you go? I get calls every week from my back window. My windo says “You will work 98000 hours before you can retire, or let me show you an option” Here are a few other sample back window taglines that might get you some leads:

– Can You Make Money From Facebook? This Recording Shows You How –

– Need to Lose 7-20 Pounds? Free Report Sent to You By Calling This 24 Hour Recording – xxx-xxx-xxxx

– Make money from home, Listen to this recording to learn how.

– Internet Marketing made EZ, listen to this FREE report to learn how to turn your computer into a cash machine. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx

Remember most people would rather call a recording with NO pressure then talk to a live person. People are scared to be sold and will call a recording rather than a live person. Also, most people that see the ad will be driving so make sure to have a phone number with a recording rather that a website. If you have a simple catchy web address putting that on your window is also effective.

MLM Advertising

3. Put a business or drop card in every envelope that leaves your house. Also if you get a business ad type of mail most of them have as postage paid envelope in them, put a drop card in it and send it out. Why not? Read this blog post for more ideas.


4. When flying. You can put a newsletter, a DVD or a drop card in the skymall or airline magazine. People are stuck in planes for hours and get bored and sometimes they have a laptop with them to watch a DVD.


5. Road signs or Bandit signs. Test this out before you get too crazy spending to much on the signs. Also make sure to check on code enforcements in some places Code Enforcement will not allow for road signs. I personally have not used signs, but I have a good friend that does very well with them.


6. Place a newsletters or company magazine anyplace where there is a waiting room. Doctors offices, car dealerships, etc any places where people sitting and waiting. More ideas HERE

MLM Advertising

7. Social Media; This is a great way to promote your opportunity but for most people it is way over done. It’s very easy to fall into the trap od over exposing your opportunity on social media. Posting something on your facebook wall once or twice a week is fine every day and people will just tune you out. And spamming or tagging people is a NO NO.

8. Blogging. Blogging is one of the best ways of promoting your MLM opportunity. The more you blog the more google will notice you. Blogging for many is the most under used marketing source at your disposal. I don’t spell good and I type with two fingers, but I still blog several times a week. Learn what to say in your blog hereBlogging is a great way to have your efforts pay off for a very long time. For a simple turnkey blogging system click here.


9. Paid advertising is a very good way to get a lot of exposure, but it does cost money. For most people paid ads are not a good way to go. But it is one of the best ways to spread your opportunity to people you normally would never meet. I would recommend you take 20% of everything you make in your MLM business and put it into some form of paid advertisement. Test things out and learn.




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