Self Development Skills

Self Development Skills can be developed and increased.

Self Development SkillsThe beauty about Skills is you can increase the skills. Like a muscle the more you work on it the bigger or stronger it gets. There is a book called Talent is over rated. I so believe in this saying. Michael Jordan has some talent but he is not the greatest basket Ball player on his talent alone. He worked on and developed skills.

The difference between the $100,000 a year earner and the million dollar a year earner, SKILLS.

It’s all about skills

The great thing about skills is they can be learned. Network marketing is not about talent in fact self development skill will help you build a bigger team then almost anything. I have seen some very talented people never make a dime in network marketing. I have seen a lot of committed people make very little money. At least committed people will stay actively doing something until they figure it out or get lucky. And yes luck has a lot to do with it, but you make your luck with activity. Next to the skill of inviting self development skills is the key to your success.


Self Development Skills increase your inviting skills

Have you heard the saying “potential minus commitment equals nothing”

Lack of self development skills is what is holding most back from building a large network marketing business. You must practice to be the best baseball player and you must practice to be the best at inviting people to see your opportunity. If you practice the wrong skills you will be a baseball ball player with bad skills. Skills are what separate the major league player from the AA or the AAA players. Self development skills are what separate the team builder from the team member.

By focusing on learning the art of prospecting and practiced the skill every day, you could become a master recruiter. By practiced the art of asking questions you could become a master communicator?

If you combine the commitment to learn the skills you need to build a large network marketing business and your commitment to use the skills over and over you will find yourself making a lot of money.

Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes you better. Perfect practice makes you perfect.

Practice self development skills and I will see you at the TOP.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Vincent St.Louis

Fighting the forces of mediocrity.



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