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Blog All About It: What to Say in Your Blog


What to Say in Your BlogWriter’s block is a common ailment among blog writers, whether it is a news reporter under a deadline or a student trying to finish a report. If you are a blogger, you may find yourself suffering from “blogger’s block”, the condition of not knowing What to Say in Your Blog.


The media is a great place to find things to blog about. Watch the local news, read the paper, or check media websites. Take a look at what is going on in the world and spin the stories into a tale for your readers. If you have a website about weight loss and come across a news clip that features something they would find interesting, by all means, blog about it. After you give your opinion on the story, link to the original news source as a convenience for your readers. They may find your post so interesting; they’ll want to read the original story, too.

You can blog about your affiliate programs and make money at the same time. If you are an affiliate for some program, find a way to create a blog post about it. You can review the item, give tips on how to use the item and so forth. You will have something to write about, and if your reader clicks on your link and purchases the item, you’ll make money at the same time.

What to Say in Your Blog can be simply looking around at what’s happening.

Blogs are also a great way to promote your website. Let your readers know when you have made a change to your site, such as publishing a new article. Create a blog post that contains the first few lines of the article to tease your readers, as well as a link to the page that features the full text.

Keep your posts timely and helpful. If it is almost Mothers Day, adding a post with tips on Mothers Day gifts is timely and helpful. A how-to post that explains a quick and easy craft for mom would be both timely and helpful.

To help your readers stay up to date with the new posts that you add, you can install a feed burner. There are different feed services to choose from, including free ones. Once you register, you will be given a small amount of HTML to add to your blog. Your readers can choose to subscribe and have your new posts delivered to their email or computer’s home page.

If you have hobbies or topics that you love to read about then share them with the world and start blogging. You can use the same platform I’m using. Just enter your email here for more information on how to get started.

Happy Blogging!

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