The common theme in Network and Internet Marketing is MARKETING. I get comments all the time from people telling me, “I’m not getting and sign ups” or this is not working for me”. People you have to remember its Marketing.

The one that shows the most wins.

You get paid to market and sell that’s it. There are many activities that must be done and many that people do only to avoid what needs to be done. Many times they don’t do marketing because they are scared or don’t know how.

The learning is in the doing.

You just got to jump.

If you are not marketing, that means sharing your product or opportunity with someone new on a regular basses you will not win.



Yesterday, I was sitting at a Starbucks watching a young kid about 21 or so doing a sign-up for his network marketing business. The guy he was signing up was also young and had his hat on sideways and just not someone I would pin as a marketer. But the guy signed up. The younger kid was doing Marketing. At the same Starbucks I watched as a young 17 year old was fixing Iphones. When he was done he walked through the Starbuck dropping his business cards on every empty table. WOW I thought this kid is a true entrepreneur. So I followed him out talked to him and now we are doing internet marketing business together.


Marketers are always marketing. You can’t wait for the food to come to you. In the bible it says God will take care of your needs that even the sparrows in the field have all their needs. But remember that even the sparrows needed to go out and get the food.


If you are in any marketing, make sure you are majoring in the majors and not the miners.

Chief Inspiration Officer

Vincent St.Louis

Fighting the forces of mediocrity.


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