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Free IUL QuoteI did a recommend for someone today that I would like to share with you.
Male age 29 married with 2 children
$500 a month contribution.
It’s a 7702 plan that starts with a Initial Face Amount (death benefit ) of $672,053 so his family is protected. Every month the death benefit grows until he starts withdraws. Death benefit at age 66 is $814,810
Contribute to age 65. Total contribution for 37 years $222,000
He starts taking a tax FREE income of $73,702 a year yes tax FREE to age 80
In just 3 years he would have received everything he put into the plan.
From here on its ALL TAX FREE profit totaling $1,105,630 available as a tax FREE income and still having a death benefit at age 80 $108,932 and grows every month.
He can take less or more income or sooner or later it’s up to him. This plan is very flexible if he falls on hard times he can miss payments but it will affect his outcome.
This plan guaranties he will never lose his equity but grows as the market grows (with NO risk of loss). Because of laws we can only show a 6% growth. The 20 years average of this program is 9.3% the S&P 500 average for last 20 years is only 6.14%. So with the 20 average he could very well have A LOT MORE AT RETIRMENT.
I also did an analogy for $1000 a month for same years he could take an income of $149,130 a year Tax FREE
Total withdraw $2,237,025 and a death benefit at age 66 $1,646,784
Total contribution $444,000 amazing
If you are under the age 45 you better plan for your own retirement.
If you’re ready to retire and your 401K is at risk we have a plan that grows and guaranties you will NOT lose any equity.
Let me show you how to plan for your future no matter what age you are. If you fail to plan you plan to fail.
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