Do you want it BAD

Do you want it BAD?

So many times we get excited about making a change in our life. I was talking to a new Realtor the other day and he said. ” There is to much competition, too many Realtors”  I told him the same thing I will tell you. There is ALWAYS room for one more superstar. There is room for one more internet marketing guru one more top income earner in Network Marketing, always room for one more real estate superstar. You want to know how I know this? Because most people will not do what it takes to win at that level. 70% will not do anything, but maybe show up, 25% will do just enough to get by and 4% will do what it takes to win and 1% or less will become superstars. That is true in any area of business and sports.

Do you want it bad enough?

When I first started my MonaVie business. I looked around at all the talent in my area. I thought there was no way I could make MonaVie happen. There were so many people that were good a talking to people that looked good, talked good drove a nice car. There was no way I could compete with them. In fact, they could not compete with me. I out worked all of them. They were talking the talk I was walking the walk. In less then 2 years I put over 5000 people on my team and was making from $4000 to $5000 a WEEK.  I sponsored over 150 people using local market techniques. Then I went online and sponsored over 100 people all online. I’m not saying this to toot my horn I’m just stating a point that talent may look good, but without desire and drive you ain’t got nothing.

You see very few people will do what it takes to win.

I started looking at internet marketing and thought “man this is so confusing, how will I ever learn it all, I can’t do this. There are so many people out there making it happen, I can’t compete” Then I remembered I thought the same with my Network marketing business. I will win and I know it. Do you know why? Because

I will do what others won’t so I can live the life that others can’t.

I look at the stories of top winners in any field. Jerry Rise, Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, Dexter Yager, Brig Hart, Dave Wood, Vincent St.Louis and many many more. They all worked hard, they all stayed up late and started early they all missed some good times chasing their dreams. They all shed blood, sweet and tears chasing their dreams. The internet is very over whelming. Network Marketing is one of the easiest businesses to build it is basically a numbers game. My good friend Paul always says “it’s not magical it’s mathematical” he is right. You talk to X number of people and you will find X number that join out of the X number that join you will find X number that build out of the X number that build you will find X number that really build. It’s that simple. You just need to find people to talk to. With the internet WOW there is a lot to learn. I started my website / blog several years before I even knew what SEO was. But slowly I started learning and doing and receiving. With any business find someone that is where you want to go get them connected someway by the cash register and let them teach you. What do I mean by “connected to the cash register”? If they make money when you make money that is a good win-win and you are connected by the cash register. That’s the beauty of Network Marketing with the right leader.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you just a Dreamer or are you someone with a Dream?

There is a difference. A dreamer lies on the grass stares into the sky thinking about how cool it would be to do this or that. A person with a dream gets up off the grass and chases their dream. Someone with a dream will move mountains to reach the dream. It says in the Bible ” A man without a vision will perish” You most have a dream big enough to move you when you don’t want to move.



Do you want it BAD?

Do you have what it takes?

Do you have the desire to get it done?

Do you really want it?


Only YOU know the answer.

Vincent St.Louis

Chief Inspiration Officer


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