Smart Goal Setting

Smart Goal setting, Example of Smart goal setting

Smart Goal Setting


A goal is not a wish or a dream. A goal has to be written down. A smart goal setting practice is setting goals every day. I would like to pay off my bills or I would like to have money in my bank account are not good example of smart goal setting. I want to have one hundred thousand dollars in my bank account on Jan 1st 2013. That’s a specific goal. I will contact 5 new prospects a day for the next 30 days. That is a good example of smart goal setting.


Your goal needs to be measurable.  Bad goal setting “I will talk to people every day about my business” The correct way to set a measurable goal is ” I will talk to 5 people today about my product or opportunity. Bad – ” I will lose weight this year”   good – “I will lose 50 pounds this year”


Smart goal setting consists of goals that are obtainable. If you have never made 50k a year chances are you should not set a goal to make a million this year. If you have never prospected 2 people a week you should not set a goal to prospect 10 a week. Your goal’s need to stretch you, but not insult you.


Realistic runs in the same form as measurable. I like to teach team members to stretch, but be honest. The subconscious mind needs to believe you have a chance to reach the goal or it will not help you reach it.


A Goal with out a date on it is a wish. You must have smart goal setting to reach your goals. Set a time on your goals. I will on this date. I will talk to 2 people a day. I will recruit two new team members every week. I will lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Put a date or a time on your goals.

How I help team members with smart goal setting.

First we talk about what they want to accomplish. Then I talk about what it will take to get there. We talk about if they are willing to do what it will take. It’s like setting a goal to save $30,000 this year, but not agreeing to put $577 a week away. Chances are you aren’t going to reach your goal.

Smart Goal Setting Example

Set your goals backwards. If you want to save $30,000 a year. Don’t focus on the $30K it’s too big. Work backwards. Focus on saving $2,308 a month. Then go even more focus on saving $577 a week and saving $82.43 a day.   You must bridge the gap between where you are now and where you are going. If you want to make money online, but you have never set up a website or a blog. You need to set a goal to start blogging and learning SEO.

Smart goal setting is the way to a more prosperous life

Set a goal to set smart goals and watch your goals become reality.

Vincent St.Louis

Chief Inspiration Officer

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