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You found my site because you’re looking for MLM Tips to build Network Marketing business.

I must first let you know you did not stumble on a wannabe website from someone that has never built a MLM / Network Marketing business. I have built a very big and long lasting team in over 9 countries. The picture below is a screenshot of my back office. In the company I am still with.  Click on the picture to see a larger image.

MLM Tips

I now have over 5000 on my team

The Right and Left leg volume is total points for that WEEK. I show you that just to prove that I have the fruit on my tree to help you build what ever business you choose. I have personally sponsored over 250 people. For some tips about how I did it fill out the form to the right and get my free download.  There is additional training HERE

enough about that on to the MLM tips.


Here are the MLM Tips in no order

 MLM Tip 1

STP is king. Show the Plan or Share the Product and Stuff the pockets. The one that shares the most wins. Exposure to as many people as you can. In any way you can. I use many different ways to find people to share my business and product with.

MLM Tip 2

Work on yourself as much and you work on your business. You can take the boy out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the boy. Except by replacing the trailer park image with good stuff. Read books a lot of them. I hated reading in fact I could not read when I started. I would read a paragraph a day at first now I read one to two books a month.

MLM Tip 3

Show up. I say show up to as much as you can. I know for a fact that if you stop showing up you will stop showing up totally. Out of sight out of mind. You need to attend at lease a meeting a week. If you don’t have any in your area you do them.

MLM Tip 4

Be Consistent. Being consistant with your “DMO” daily method of operation is key to building a successful multi level marketing business. Being consistant is one of the quickest ways to build momentum on your team. Your DMO and your commitment to it is key to your success.

MLM Tip 5

Be Commited. Being committed to your product and your company is very important in building a network marketing business. If you don’t have belief in your product how can you sell it? You simply would be missing the passion you need to succeed in this industry. You must also have a high-level of believe in the company and have trust with whom you are doing business with. You have to sell the company and their vision to your prospect.

MLM Tip 6

People don’t join a company or a product people join YOU. You can know all about your product and your company, but people will join YOU not the company or the product.

MLM Tip 7

You need to have a dream and desire. Talent is overrated. Give me someone with a deep desire over someone with talent any day.  Remember if you can see it you can achieve it. See that picture of the privet jet. That jet was on my dream board for over two years. I took seven of my leaders on a privet jet and after we got home I looked on my dream board and noticed the plain we were on was the exact kind of plain on my dream board. Don’t miss this part of your journey for success.

MLM success


MLM Tip 8

All the major network marketing superstar’s built their business face-to-face or belly-to-belly. Don’t get confused with internet market marketers that have never built a MLM team telling you that you can build your team online only without contacting anyone. Now that said I do use online marketing. But really take a look at any leader in the industry they ALL built their business using both old school techniques and online marketing.

MLM Tip 9

Duplication is not that important. I mean the way you contact people is not always duplicatable.  Some people are great at cold calling, some great at meeting people out and about, some are great at online SEO and websites. Use what you’re good at to the best of your ability, but you better learn to do every form of prospecting. If you’re good at meeting people face-to-face and think everyone should be able to do it like you. You will get very frustrated.


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