Loosen Your Grip

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Sometimes we want something so bad we try too hard. You can’t receive Gods blessing if you don’t loosen your grip. Most of the time we hold on so tight it stops us from receiving. You can’t receive without opening up or even letting go of what you have. Piece and tranquility allow us to know. Know what you ask? Know what’s going on around us and to see the opportunities around us.

Have your heard the saying “I can’t see the forest, for the trees are in my
way”. That is so true. Have you ever been looking for something so hard and you can’t find it? Then someone walks up and it’s right in front of you? You’re trying too hard. You must relax and let it come to you. You’re looking so hard for the next sharp guy you miss all the sharp people around you. So many times I hear people talk about what kind of person you are looking for as a great prospect. I believe if you focus too much on that you miss the great prospects all around you. Stop trying to build your business by sight. Build it with heart and faith.

The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

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The Man Who Sold Hot Dogs

There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold HOT DOGS.

He was hard of hearing so he had no radio.

He had trouble with his eyes so he read no newspaper.

But he sold HOT DOGS

He put up signs on the highway telling how good they were.

He stood on the side of the road and cried: “BUY A HOT DOG, MISTER ?”

And people bought, because he was so enthusiastic.

He increased his meat and bun orders.

He bought a bigger stove to take care of his growing trade.

He was so happy selling Hot Dogs, and people enjoyed doing business with him.

One day his son came home from college to help him out.

And something happened.

His son said, “Father, haven’t you been listening to the radio.? Haven’t you been reading the newspaper.?

The situation in Europe is terrible. The Domestic situation is worse.”

Whereupon the father thought,”Well, my son’s been to college, he reads the newspaper, he listens to the radio, and he ought to know.”

So the father cut down on his meat and bun orders, he took down all his advertising signs, and no longer bothered to stand on the highway to sell his hot dogs.

And his HOT DOG sales fell, ALMOST OVERNIGHT.

“You’re right, son,” the father said to the boy.

” We certainly are in the middle of a great depression. There just isn’t any business. No one even comes by anymore!”

Has someone taken away your dream?

Have you seen the movie the Ghost Busters?

If you did, then you know that you can tell a Ghost Buster by the clothes they wear and the funny car they drive.

But you can’t tell a Dream Buster, because they could look like a your friend, a relative or a loved one.

Don’t share your dreams with negative people.

Go ahead and imagine yourself successful.

For your dreams to come true, create a success team. (Isolation is a dream killer)

You need a team to help you brain-storm and to boost you up after any set backs.

Be sure the ones you share your dreams with believe in your dreams.
-unknown author

Don’t Tap Out Yet

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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

Sometimes its the old that gets in the way of the new.

Maybe it’s old patterns or simply old ways of doing certain things.

A store will change the management and even the name to start over.

A farmer will plow up the whole field to start over with all new.

Start today with new thinking and a different way of attitude.

It would be so easy if we could just plug-in and re boot our brain.

But its not that easy. We must be aware of the negative old

thoughts before we can replace it with new thoughts.

We must continue to replace the old with new or the old will take hold.

It is  like weeding a garden. You don’t just plant new seeds then walk away. You must

take care of it to keep the weeds out. If you want to grow a wonderful new garden in your

mind and in your life-you  must protect it with diligence to keep the weeds out.  You have heard

the saying ” the mind is a terrible thing to waste”.  You must stay diligent in weeding to keep the junk out.

If you are not diligent in weeding your mind, weeds will  take over your beautiful garden ( your mind ) that God has made.

What is Greatness

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What Makes Greatness?

The ability to be one’s self and have one’s self be great.

If you are great to yourself but no other are you really great?

You don’t try to be great, you are or you are not. It is or it is not.

Greatness happens only by being GREAT.


Vincent St.Louis

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