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Learn how to make cold calls and expand your business.

Cold CallsFor many people the phone will become very heavy when it’s time to make cold calls. Just the thought of making cold calls will make many people start to sweat. Learning how to make cold calls is not that difficult when you learn the basics. Cold calling is a very valuable skill that will increase your business. Just the action of forcing yourself to make cold calls will increase your ability to do the things in your business that are uncomfortable to do.



 Will Smith, In the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” played the role of Chris Gardner. In the movie Chris Gardner wanted to succeed so bad that not making cold calls was not an option. His drive to succeed and take care of his son was his drive to do the uncomfortable. Doing the cold calls was just an action that had to be done. He did not let his emotions keep him from making the calls and succeeding. People make cold calls all the time and the more you do the better you get and easier they will become. If your job demanded that you made cold calls you would do them. In Network Marketing you don’t have a boss telling you to make the cold calls.


How to force yourself to make the cold calls?

The best way to get you to make the cold calls is to JUST DO IT! Focus on the prize not the price. Take action NOW. Don’t think about it just pick up the phone and start dialing.


Network marketing business cold calls.

If your success depended on making the cold calls you would do it. The more calls you make the better you will get at it. When I started making cold calls I was so scared, But I forced it. Why? Because I needed to succeed. I needed more contacts, sells and more recruits. To me it was just an activity that had to be done. I fell like I can out work everyone. Even as scared as I was it was just an action. I did not care if people answered the phone or not, in fact at first I prayed they did not answer. I did not care if they wanted to hear what I had to say or not. I was just going through the motions. I called it “dialing for dollars”


At first I would find all kinds of things to do just to keep me from making the cold calls. I would get ready to start making calls and I would start cleaning the desk or arranging the names to put them in order. It was kind of funny how busy I would become and how many things would distract me and keep me from making my calls. Sooner or later you must force yourself to just make the calls. I soon learned how to make cold call and I got good at it.


You need a goal before you start to making cold calls

Cold CallsHow many calls will you be making? Is your goal to make the calls or talk to a person? It was hard for me to make the calls so my goal at first was to just call 20 people. I did not care if they answered the phone or not. In fact I would dial the number and pray they did not answer. LOL! I called 20 people a day and when I was done making my dials that was success. Then it was 50 dials, then 100 dials. Then soon I was able to work my way up to focusing on talking to a person not just dialing a number. I would dial until I talked to 20 live people, then 50 live people. Don’t get activity confused with accomplishment. At first I had to focus on activity “dialing and making the call” but the reason I was to talking to a person so I had to move my focus to talking to a live person not just making the call.

Scripts for cold calls

You need to have a script. At first read from the script the more calls you make the less you will need the script, but you MUST start with a script.

You need a website to send people to or a sizzle call in number. A sizzle call is a short introduction that the prospect can call in and listen to a recording. You need something to sending the contact to or maybe you are going to just schedule the sit down.


So learn how to make cold calls by making cold calls and you will become a master at the skill of making cold calls.

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