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Free IUL Quote

Free IUL QuoteI did a recommend for someone today that I would like to share with you.
Male age 29 married with 2 children
$500 a month contribution.
It’s a 7702 plan that starts with a Initial Face Amount (death benefit ) of $672,053 so his family is protected. Every month the death benefit grows until he starts withdraws. Death benefit at age 66 is $814,810
Contribute to age 65. Total contribution for 37 years $222,000
He starts taking a tax FREE income of $73,702 a year yes tax FREE to age 80
In just 3 years he would have received everything he put into the plan.
From here on its ALL TAX FREE profit totaling $1,105,630 available as a tax FREE income and still having a death benefit at age 80 $108,932 and grows every month.

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Mike Hagen is a crook a Liar and the Thief?

Mike Hagen is a crookMike Hagen; before you do business with him read this.


I have known Mike Hagen for quite some time. I have been in business with Mike Hagen twice. I’m writing this blog post to inform you and to warn you about Mikes Hagen’s shady character and hopefully save you time and money in dealing with him.

Important see comments at bottom of page 
If you are looking to do business with Michael Hagen or join him in some kind of MLM, Network Marketing business or any of his JetStream Box, Evo TV, Blue TV or even his newest scam AirTV read this before you join him.
Everything I’m writing here is 100% true to my experiences in dealing with Michael Hagen. Just talking to Mike you will feel something is not honest with him. Something in your gut is telling you NOT to trust Mike Hagen. I’m telling you listen to your gut.

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America’s Decline We Must Face

America's Decline We Must FaceWe’ve reached a place where we must fix what lies in the hearts of Americans decline. Our political leaders or Business Leaders have made a catastrophic choices. We as a nation can’t rely on them to fix what has been broken. Time for Americans to take off the blinders and take a look at what’s really happening in our country. We need to make choices that will put us back on the right path.
The decline of our country is primarily a decline of our culture. The morals and ethics of our political leaders and the American public are in disarray. The American public has their head in the sand, thinking that the government will take care of us and fix things. But with the trillions of dollars in debt America faces, it will never go away and America cannot afford to pay it off. America’s does not even collect enough taxes to pay the interest on the debt.

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Forex Trading Simplified

WOW it can get confusing here is Forex Trading simplified.

Forex Trading simplified.So here is a simple example of that is Forex trading.  If you have ever traveled to a foreign country. You may have needed to exchange your money if so you have already participated in Forex trading. Forex is the short form of Foreign exchange. Well it’s a bit more then that. For example Companies buy goods from other countries they need to obtain the local currency first. Just like us when going on holiday. The difference is they will exchange huge amounts at a time. When these companies exchange these huge amounts they will actually effect or alter the amount because the demand for the currency they need increases. When the demand increase the amount increases. With all this exchanging going on around the world the exchange rate is constantly moving.

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Top Marketer joins iMarketsLive

A group of TOP Day Traders have come together with a group of TOP marketers to create what is a perfect marriage for people who are looking for a way to create real wealth in their lives.

One of the top team builders in the Network Marketing industry Vincent St.Louis has teamed up with Top Day traders Christopher Terry and iMarkets Live. After years in the financial markets, a group of traders have come together with a group of marketers to create what is a perfect marriage for people who are looking for a way to create real wealth in their lives.

iMarkets Live and Vincent St.louis has combined, the leverage of team building effect and the compounding effect of good trading of the financial markets with top traders.

iML created a two step system which is designed to help you make money and create time freedom.

Top Marketer joins Christopher Terry iMarketsLive CEO of iMarketsLive Christopher Terry , is one of the top Forex and Futures traders in the country with over 20 years of experience in the Forex and Futures markets and over 18 years as a top Forex trainer. iMarkets Live is in over 120 countries Thay have created something is NEW and amazing to both the Forex Day Trading industry and also the Homebased Business industry. We are doing something no one else is talking about.

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iMarkets Live Compensation Plan

iMarkets Live Compensation Plan is a very rewarding plan.

iMarkets Live Compensation Plan  First let me explain. iMarkets live has two separate programs. On one side is the trading. iMarkets Live is a trading trainer and system. They teach, show you and mentor you on how to trade in the Forex and futures markets. When you trade you keep all your earnings. NON of your money goes to iMarkets Live or the iMarkets Live compensation plan it’s ALL yours. (less the small broker fees)

The iMarketsLive is the compensation plan that is ran completely off the $150 membership.
iMarkets Live Compensation Plan iMarkets Live has an amazing compensation plan.
With iMarkets Live you can get paid simply by sharing iML with same people. iMarkets Live has 8 streams of income.

The first bonus in the iMarkets Live Compensation Plan is what’s called The Perfect Storm bonus.

The goal is to have at least three personal customers or IBOs known as independent business owners in your first 14 days is like a fast start bonus. Every time you enroll a new IBO you’re going to get a $35 bonus. If you do that within your first 14 days of being a member with imarkets Lve you’re going to get an extra bonus of $35 so a $144 total just for completing it in the first 14 days. That gives you several days to be able to get a new customer or IBO during that time.

To read the rest of this iMarkets Live Compensation plan go to

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Stay at Home Mom

Yes you can be a Stay-at-home mom!

Stay at Home Mom  The moment you saw your sweet baby opening her eyes for the first time you fell deeply and madly in love and you knew you wanted to be there for your child always. But the reality is you can’t afford to be just a stay-at-home mom there’s no way your family can survive on only one income. You and your husband were both working full-time jobs before the baby came and even then you were living paycheck-to-paycheck without a whole lot left over.

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What is iMarkets Live

What is iMarkets Live and should you look into it.

To start I’ve read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki in fact I’ve read it several times. In the book he talks about how 5% of the individuals who control 95% of world’s wealth on the right side of a quadrant with business owners and investors. And 95% of people are on the left side of the quadrant they were employees who have a job and self-employed person who owns a job.
In this review on iMarkets Live my goal is to show you how you can go from the left side of the quadrant to the right side.

What is iMarkets Live

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Eminem You Only Had One Shot

If you only had one shot! “Lose Yourself”


I definitely don’t agree with most his music but this song really gets me thinking about my opportunity to CRUSH IT in business.

Eminem You Only Had One Shot

Here are the lyrics for Eminem’s song “Lose Yourself” Watch the video below

Look, if you had, one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted. In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

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The Number of Financial Advisers are Dropping but the need is growing

The Number of Financial Advisers are Dropping but the need is growing. What does this mean for you?

With too few new financial advisers coming into the industry, the decline of financial advisers shows no signs of slowing. In 2015 a 2.4% annual decline in advisers, as advisers continue to retire.

The number of financial advisers in the United States fell by 1.3% — or approximately 4,000, in 2011, and will decline by another 18,600 over the next five years, according to global research firm Cerulli Associates Inc.

“The continual aging of the industry is not being offset by the influx of new talent,” said Tyler Cloherty, associate director at Cerulli. “The wirehouses are starting to train people again, but it’s just not enough to make up for the number of advisers retiring and leaving the industry.”

The independent broker-dealers will suffer an even more dramatic decline, according to Cerulli projections. Mr. Cloherty expects that they will lose 18,000 advisers by the end of 2016, an annual attrition rate of 5%.

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