A Network Marketing story

A TRUE Network Marketing story

Are there still people that have never don’t Network Marketing? Can people still succeed in Network Marketing? Here is a story from one of our friends and business partners.

“Today is 7-7-17 which is a special date because 2 years ago my wife & I said yes to a business opportunity which was the profession of network marketing. We had no experience in Network Marketing and knew nothing about how to be successful in Network Marketing, but we did have preconceived thoughts which where all negative because of things we heard over the years and our experiences…

We were looking because we learned a valuable lesson in 2008-2009 when the market tanked and we had all our eggs in one basket as we did with our construction company. So we started looking for a business we could work together. We wanted residual income, also we knew our current business was not going to be the financial vehicle to get us to all of our dreams & goals. Plus I really didn’t want to do construction for the rest of my life.

What’s happened over the last 2 years has been the biggest blessing in our lives except God & our families… Our success didn’t come without learning from our mistakes, seeing the mistakes of others, truly caring about people, and hard work!
Francoise and I have grown more in our marriage, spiritually, and as parents over the past 2 years then anytime in our lives… We have been used by God to lead people to Christ, gained friends we see as family all over the world, touched others spiritually, financially, mentally and nutritionally.. Traveled all over the world together for free.. Experienced our son being able to get off medication through giving him proper nutrition and his behavior change completely… Seen wife’s come home from a full time jobs, A Doctor close a 3rd practice because he’s making more here part time then in his practice which got him at home with his family more, and so many others life changing stories..

Just think we started this 2 years ago saying if we make $500.00 a week that would be nice, well now we make more than 10 times that a week! It’s all been from truly just leading from the heart with Gods anointing and helping others get what they really want so we could get what we wanted…

Like Dr. Eric T. hitting Diamond in their first 4 months in the profession with no experience!! That’s true success… Freedom today to be able to take my kids swimming in the pool or go see wonder woman during the middle of the day with my wife yesterday instead of being on a construction site with the stress of employees, overhead, and all the stress that comes with that… You see this profession can have a stigma because of bad people that see others as dollar figures without seeing people for what they want or need and being unprofessional. Our purpose is to change the perspective of this profession by serving people with God like love…….

2 years can lead you to total time freedom and a life you dreamed about!
Gets better every YEAR!”
Ricky and Francoise


 If you would like to join myself and Ricky and Francoise in building the first true 5 Star opportunity.

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