MLM Tips How to do a follow up

I will teach you how to do a proper follow-up in the MLm Tips article.


MLM Tips“The fortune is in the follow up” I know you have heard this. You need to learn and master the skill of proper follow-up techniques.


One of the most important MLM Tips is to show as many plans as you can. Without the proper follow up you are wasting your time. When counseling team members one of the first things I ask then for is their record of how many show the plans (STP) they did.

Let’s start the MLM tips about follow up with keeping track of your STP’s

MLM Tips; Show the Plan Tracker

It’s a very important to show the date you last contacted your prospects.

NOTE:If you remember when the last time you talked to all your prospects you don’t have enough prospects. To things happen when you don’t have enough prospects. 1) You bug the crap out of them 2) You act and look desperate. And no one wants to team up with a desperate person that bugs them all the time.

 Here is an image of a Show the plan tracker I us.

MLM Tips; Show the Plan Tracker

MLM tips; Posture for success

MLM TipsPosture is everything. Your posture will change the busier you get. Your posture shows you don’t need them the busier you get. If you’re not busy then your posture will be of desperation.

When you go to a follow up, your intention needs to be ask questions. After showing the pan to your prospect you need to set your follow within 2 days any longer than that and your chances of success are greatly lessened. When doing a show the plan and / or a follow up it’s best to make sure you have both spouses at the meeting. During the follow up you need to find out if they have any questions or objections or are they ready to get started. If the answer is YES give them the application then be quite as they are filling it out. If the answer is NO; give them more information set the next follow up appointment then go on your way. That needs to be said again. If they say YES; give them the application and as soon as they start filling it out SHUT UP. I have seen too many people talk a person into the business and then talk them right out of it. If you notice most people stop writing when they talk so DON’T make them talk. If they are not ready yet and need more information then leave them with something and go.

Listen up right now. The most important part of the follow up is? Schedule the next appointment. When I go a follow-up appointment I put my planner on the table to remind me NOT to leave without the next appointment set.

When you’re doing a follow up for your downline make sure you set the appointment and you do the follow up and the next follow-up and the next until you get them to join the business or they say NO.

MLM tips, when do you stop following up? NEVER

For most people I will follow up years later, but the time in between each follow up gets longer and longer. Many times I will set in my planner to call someone a year down the road.

MLM tips; how often do you follow up?

I ALWAYS do my very best to do the first follow up within 2 days. Then the next follow up is in 3 days from the first, then a month, then 3 months then, 6 months then one year… A very good follow up is getting them to an event. I invite everyone on my follow up list to every event in town and the key people I invite them to a major function.

MLM Tips; Pick them up. If your prospect says they will go to the event you pick them up.

Quick recap: Keep track of all your STP’s, Follow up until they say NO. If you are doing a follow up for your downline you set the next appointment and you do it. ALWAYS set the next appointment before you leave any appointment. Invite everyone on your follow up list to the next local event.

I hope these MLM Tips will help you do better follow ups and build a bigger business. Please comment below.


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